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Yumi Lambert  IMG model based in NYC. Life is a picture in motion !📸 ✈️ Travel Diary @TheTripNeverEnds Twitter @YumiLambertOf

Feel like in an hotel room tonight ! ❤️ have a good night all ! 🌙 @playlist_shiseido

Happy Easter everyone ! ❤️ Issue38 of @selfservicemagazine by @venetialscott #theeasterspecial

❤️ @off____white

Preparing my stuff for a captation day ! ❤️ @djiglobal @thevinylfactory @herschelsupply

Williamsburg nights 🎉

😘 @playlist_shiseido 😘 thank you for all those presents 🎁 !

⚠️Rude content⚠️ I would like to ask everyone to stand against what happened yesterday, to share and make something against this insanity! This is obscene, it disgusts me at every point! For the one who would not be aware of what happened, This man wouldn't accept to be just choose by hasard to be pushed out the plane and refuse to stand so security use their "power". Power that they easily overuse for no reason! This wasn't necessary and I don't even have all the words to explain my anger right now so much I'm chocked! This poor man ended up begging to "just be killed" as he just "wanted to go home" with is mouth full of blood. I can't stand in front of so much inhumanity, but I can't do anything alone and I can't either just stand and watch this! The world is getting mad and we need to stop that! @united should be ashamed of their company, should be put in front of justice for the way they treat passenger. They just take the excuse of "procedures" to make unacceptable actions like robot with no brain, no feelings, no logic. And the security is not much better, they should be ashamed of the way they do their job, and if they are not able to not punch people they should not be security guard, because seriously, who feel secure next to them? Who does they protect? I would just say they protect money and the industries that own them. #destroyunited #shameonthem #standagainstunited #thetripendwithunited #unitedairlines #boycottunited

Spring is back ! ☀️

When everything seems to go wrong for a moment, just keep living, keep loving, keep eating ;-) 🍕🍝🍷 @thewilliamvale #restaurant #foodlover #thetripneverends

Enjoy every attentions in the quotidian life ! 💕😋#HappyForaCoffee @thewilliamvale

Thank you so much to the worst company I've ever take @united ! First, I book a flight by phone and got said I had included luggage but when I arrived it wasn't as it's an national flight, followed by the fact I didn't have a seat anymore and had to pay more because only the upper class was available. A nice lady find us an arrangement but then once security past, direction boarding gate, they refuse us to go in the flight because my carry on luggage was 1cm to large, in fact my bag pack was inside. I tried to remove it to show the luggage fit and they screamed at us saying there was no re packing and they show us off the flight... be sure I'll never take @united again! #united #shittycompany #insane sad to see one nice person stock in middle of total idiot.

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