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YUM Baits  Awesome soft plastic bass fishing baits that won't break the bank!

Yup...you can get our "tin foil" color in the YUM Dinger! Reflects the smallest amount of light and does an incredible job of imitating fish scales -- key when bass are targeting shad.
#bassfishing #bassmaster

Big congrats to @hensleypowell on his win at the @flwfishing Costa Series tournament on Table Rock! πŸ‘Š One of his key rigs was a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr! Why do so many people like the Flash Mob Jr? Light, castable and catches 'em!!
#bassfishing #bassmaster #bass

You tried the "Ozark smoke" YUM Dinger yet? Killer clear-water color! Big bass are like: πŸ˜‹πŸ½πŸ˜‹
#bigbass #bassfishing

Know you landed a BIG bass when you can actually hide behind it (lol). Great fish caught by @fishinflorida100 on a "green pumpkin" YUM Dinger at his secret shore spot.
#bassfishing #bigbass #bassmaster

@lendermanjason caught this Lake Ouachita 9.17-lber on a wacky-rigged "morning dawn" YUM Dinger in a Trader Bills team tournament! 🀯😲 Word is it's the largest bass ever weighed at a tournament in Arkansas?? Insane fish dude!
#boom #stick #bigbass #bassfishing

Anyone else eat dessert first? πŸ˜‹ Bass do when it's our "melon pie" color YUM Dinger. Eat 'em up!
#dessertfirst #bassfishing

@gillsnracks caught his new PB largemouth (21" and 5.8 lbs) on a "watermelon red flake" YUM Dinger -- one of those must-have colors when fishin' clear water.
#bassfishing #bassmaster

"Tequila sunrise" works great in off-color water or on gloomy days. Been around forever -- hopefully you didn't forget about it!
#bassfishing #bigbass

@dustinelder18 burned through a bag of "ghillie suit" YUM Dingers on Lake Ouachita," then glued, taped and stapled them" to make it through the day. πŸ˜‚ Good problem to have dude -- time to stock up!
#bassfishing #bassmaster

Wow! Can you imagine seeing THIS 10-lb bed fish swim up and eat the bait?! @altonjrfishing fooled her using a big 6" YUM Dinger in "green pumpkin/purple flake."
#bigbass #bassfishing #bassmaster

Our "camo" color was introduced to the YUM Dinger lineup last season and accounted for a pile of fish! Works especially well in clear water -- big smallmouths are like πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.
#bassfishing #smallmouthbass

Smallies can get accustomed to seeing dropshots and other small-profile baits on pressured lakes -- that's when guide @jmasonfishing busts out the baitcaster and ties on a YUM Money Minnow to trigger reaction bites. This GIANT was all over that "Tennessee shad" color!
#bassfishing #smallmouthbass

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