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비야|14|  Hmmm legs for hands yeaH

FIRST(kinda) digital art.
Guys give me some tips since I'm a total newbie with this media
#digitalart #firstdigitalart
Whys the quality so shit

I drew her 10x better than how she looks in real life, better thank me l8r Ems
And thats the paint and stuff I use....in case you were wondering
#painting #art #acrylic

Bling bling

I'm watching Goblin for the 3rd time and It's still emotional, goodness me

#art #lilgirl #shehasanumbrella #painting

@paegans OC Yuza!! I love her art so much, it was only a matter of time before I did sth💘💘 #fanart

She looks like Emily but not white
#itsmyfriend #dontgetoffended


Theres only like 5 friends who knows this account exists

I fucked up on the eyebrows, watercolour is hard and I have 0 patience

Some boring ass portraits

Just a quickie since I have school tomor

Edit: Guys, Iwaoi is killing me
Oc tag: #yulkwul

Ugh Bigbang makes me emo
But okay, where the fuck is @coffgo

Em cheekbones PoppiN

And thats not the person i tagged.

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