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비야|14|  I don't take shit seriously

Em cheekbones PoppiN

And thats not the person i tagged.

The school gave us a 4 day holiday and Ive been painting all day
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I used bad spoiled paint and now look at the HAIR. Godamnit Biya, you should've just mixed some of ur own
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When I was in 5th grade, there was a group of rly shitty girls in my class. One of them had a sister who drew and made art. So she brought one of her drawings in and said: "My sister drew this and you'll never be as good as her" or sth stupid like that. But ok, this sister was like a full time uni student and by now, Im prolly better than her ngl. But this chic was a fucking bitch. She did shit like this for the rest of the year and then I left.

THey both have rly nice hands. #dieantwoord

I just realised that none of them can breathe


These two took me 4 hrs but I feel like I'm improving. It would've taken me 4 hrs EACH 6 months ago.
#painting #acrylic #acrylicpainting #art

You know that guy I was trynna name? Yeah its Jadon (credit @fynnsh). Hes a bassist but his day job is a park ranger (thx @dnyanda.k) and he sweats alot bc hes nervous? I guess.
Yeah, you can tell Im not giving any effort into him, lol

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I had a dream about going on a farm and meeting this really hot guy. O my, I wish it was truu

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