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Juls!  We are accidents waiting to happen.

Reminiscing the good old MTV and radio days with these concert-going partners in @the90sfestival, drenched in sweat while dancing wildly in Too Close, singing loudly in If You Come Back, and feeling in love in Best In Me. In addition, I was bursting into tears in Padi Reborn’s Harmoni and Kasih Tak Sampai. See you at another gig this Wednesday, lads! 💙
Too bad, I wasn’t bumping into @skinnykinssy and @clarenstefanie last night 🤙🏼

I don’t know how you do it but 35 has never looked so good. Thank you for years of outfit inspo and music recommendations. Happy birthday, it girl! @alexachung x

2018 will end in 2 months, and I still don’t know where life will drag me into. Narnia? Alderaan?

Sisters came to support me and the big brand behind. Uuuh, luv! 💖

The soul needs to recharge more than smartphone.

My curtain bangs are a result of being lazy.

Mencoba dandan untuk ke kondangan malem Minggu..
“Kayak ikan koi depan rumah,” kata Ibuku saat lihat hasilnya.

TGIF. tolong gusti, I frustasi.

First time using disposable camera ✨
Bagus juga. Tapi rambut ngembang amat. Tidur ah!

May the last 3 months of my 2018 be the plot twist I’ve been waiting for.
A freelance job? Or a great opportunity? Scholarship? Or boyfriend? Taurean boyfriend? 🤷🏻‍♀️

we talked until
the morning light
speaking in
soft giggles
and stories of
the easier days
through tired eyes
and heartfelt smiles
I couldn’t help
but fall for you
with my favorite Left-over Snow in the Dream (1982) ❤️

For daily skincare routine, I would never sleep at night without double cleansing. After using milk cleanser for more than a decade, I decided to try another alternative for my first cleansing step and my heart fell into oil-based cleansers than micellar or cleansing water. The Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil was my first oil-based cleanser and I already repurchased the 2nd bottle. I love how the oil does not turn into milky texture (emulsify) when I put and massage it on to my skin. It feels light, mild and washable yet effectively removes the sunblock, makeup and dirt and really deeply cleanses my skin without causing irritation. Me likey! ✨

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