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Juls!  A hygiene freak.

Is there a simple formula for answering ‘tell me about yourself’ in a job interview?

I am that Kinder Egg without the surprise.

After being depressed for two hours watching Hereditary, it’s time to cool off with some series on Netflix. FRIENDS and HIMYM to the rescue!

Winona Ryder’s doppelganger.
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I struggle between wanting to stay up late and wanting extra hours to sleep.

I remember when it was actually worth getting up early on Sunday morning to watch cartoons.
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Accio me, once again.

Dad once had to choose to live in BSD or Tayem. Eh dia pilih Tayem. Ya enak sih ujan mulu, dingin. I can bundle up myself in sweater, knit, coat, layers of blanket.
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Low quality picture, but best quality people.

Have you ever been told that "you are such a calm person” when inside you are a raging, stormy sea? They don't know me at all. #INFJproblems

*insert family name with an apostrophe and s, saying something about having a blessed Eid*
I don’t really do family pictures on Eid, too busy eating all food on the table then sneaking into cousin’s bedroom to sleep.

Making a tailor-made suit to match my sisters ✨

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