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Juls!  A mix of ketchup and honey mustard.


I hope there will be ‘next time’.

She’s the happiest kid in town with swollen eyes after 2 hours crying, tapi tetep cengangas cengenges kegirangan,
Mon maap ni yak ngepost lagi 👋🏼

It brings back the memories of those days, when I went home earlier after school just to watch the movie, role-played the dialogue with some childhood friends, sang all the songs from the original soundtrack, bought the CD, VCD, posters, band-aids, and when @jktmovein decided to make the musical version, I knew it would be one magical experience, and that is true.
I really couldn’t hold the tears, from the moment when an intro of the first song (“Menikmati Hari”) came out, to the last moment when all casts and crews took a bow and waved their hands, and the curtain closed.
The words like ‘Bandung? Bukan..di Jakarta?’, ‘Setengah ewang’, ‘Rembelane’, ‘Hah? Hyayhang?’, ‘Saya pikir..’, ‘Siapa...yang taruh Faris...disitu?’, ah, I just can’t even 😭
What an amazing performance, thank you!
Butuh violist baru guck? Wa mao!

Goats in the Year of the Dog (2018)
The Year of the Dog is a good year for Goats, despite being incompatible. There will be mentors and supporters. Goats should take this advantage to further develop their career. In work, Rabbits and Horses would be great partners. But Goats must be careful with their words. It’s easy to accidentally say the wrong thing and ruin the year’s fortune.
Everything will come easily for Goats in 2018. If lost, they’ll meet people who will offer help and guidance. But remember not to become overconfident and greedy.
There aren’t many big health problems. To maintain it, Goats should stay away from alcohol (NOOOO!!!).
Goats will find it easy to click with others this year. There are high hopes for successful platonic and romantic relationships. They should just remember that being too indulgent can lead to misunderstandings. In the unlucky months, Goats must communicate their thoughts and opinions well. Otherwise, it will be impossible to solve the problems.
The directions of fortune and wealth for Goats this year are the North, South and Northwest. It would be the best to put the bed, worktable and sofa in these positions of the room. To avoid bad luck, do not put important furniture in the Southeast and Northeast. Lucky numbers that will open the road to wealth are 4 and 8. The lucky colors in 2018 are red, orange and purple (and I don’t have these colors in my wardrobe). Colors to avoid are gray and green.
Overall, 2018 is a smooth year for Goats. It will lay the path to the secure and steady life that they wish for. Goats are some of the kindest people, but they must remember to love and take care of themselves too!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
(Duh maap, silo banget ni BSD ampe sipit)

here’s to the girl who pours her heart out,
who throws love around like it’s glitter confetti,
who wears her heart on her sleeve,
who always sees the good in people,
who has a big heart and feels a lot,
who is vulnerable by nature,
who gives and gives and never expects anything in return,
who has loved and lost and still loves,
who loves too much, too quickly, that tell her secrets too soon because she wants someone to listen and not just to hear them,
you deserve a huge bucket of Sate Padang Ajo Ramon, french fries and chicken wings on Feb 14th.
still not enough?
let’s find some place with good music and booze to dance the night away!

Commuting generally means you are much longer away from home than other people. This also means that you can’t just go home if you need a nap or if you forget something. Because you need to be prepared. For me personally, it takes about 2 hours, or sometimes less, to go from outside of my home door to be on my working chair.
Neng lelah 💆🏻‍♀️

These lovebirds were being cute by standing side by side and arguing about art at Uji Handoko Solo Exhibition “Wall Street Gymnastics”, while I was just happy when a friend said “Let’s go get lunch!”

My love for Greta Gerwig is real, from the moment she danced as Frances Ha to the way she put her heart out in making Lady Bird.
Oh, I’m not sorry for the messy desk and the strange part of myself for a lot of people to look at.


Self update is in progress. Please be patient.

Maen lagi dong!

Life is full of insignificant disappointments, kayak lift penuh trus mutusin naik lewat fire stairs biar cepet tapi malah kekunci di dalem 👋🏼

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