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Yulia.i  LDN, UK This is not a #gallery, this is my #studio - a visual online record of my development. Starts from childhood & goes into real time Apr '17.

Tests for a piece - love how the colours are so punchy, but need to work on the neatness of the writing more. PS. I realise I am obsessed with red-blue contrast combinations... In all shades...

Got a few new supplies today 😍 now experimenting and bursting with ideas 🀯

This canvas has been waiting for updates for over a year... Capitalising on this inspiration boost I'm creating mantras / objects that hold energy.

Excited by the ghostly writing yesterday I finally put this canvas to use - scroll for detail and a pic pre-writing.

πŸ‘€ last square canvas left untouched by the gold writing I did a while back... A few drops of blue ink left... Decided to use it up and THIS!!! LOVE the transparency of the ink, how it's ghostly, like whispers... How it shows the peeling paint in the background... The very slight tonal variation... Every time I try something new with this direction - I love it and I want to do more πŸ™πŸΌ

'Infinite Summer', fibre tip pen on paper, A6.
Coming back from a hot and sunny holiday to a hot and sunny London feels like unprecedented luxury... Last night after a late walk outside I wanted to capture this feeling with hopes of being able to experience it again in times of cold and dark London. πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨

Back to the work. I have an idea for a moving image / animation project - never tried it before so this will be challenging but I'm excited to have a go :)

Nothing is forever... Something very beautiful about writing in the sand and letting the sea take it away. I also wrote on some stones, "gave" them everything I wanted to let go of and threw them in the sea. Nature is forever a refuge, a way to centre, a way to recharge...


Acrylic ink... The white layer was oil so acrylic ink is acting all funny and trying to escape off the surface - I love it!!! Also love the ghost of the previous layer in the background. Will be using that effect for something πŸ€”

"High Street (Why must I avert my eye)", acrylic marker on Bristol board, A6
Hard to tell from this iPhone photo but the lemon yellow really jumps off the crispy white paper. The effect is almost blinding and makes it hard to keep reading the piece, forcing the viewer to look away and thus "avert their eye" instead of the author.

"Your words have no value", ink on sketchbook paper, A3.
Another new tool I picked up today - has rollerball so is essentially a giant biro 😬 I filled it with encre de chine and had a go. It's much harder to get a neat line as you can see my handwriting is very messy with this one but I do like it... Reminds me of fear and loathing in Las Vegas logo... Somehow....
The ink is beautifully black opaque and shiny so that's a big win too... I tried drawing with it and that was divine! I guess it's ideal for continuous lines rather than text... Will keep playing around with it.

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