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  ▼ U L I △ 🇷🇺🇺🇸 Freelance translator•art enthusiast•health food addict•beach lover ⛵️🌴🍏🍓🍴🖌💻☀️❤️👫

Spring is definitely here - my favorite time of the year. Even in Florida, where there's always summer you can still see it. Pure magic of nature ✨🦄

Because spring ... 🌊🌴

Walking at the beach, breathtaking sunset and lots of springbreaking. #spring2017

So that's the weather right now... it was overcast all day and now a tropical downpour, no more no less. And my umbrella is safely at home, of course. ☔️🌧 вот такая нынче погода! Весь день было пасмурно, а вечером полило как из ведра. Кто вышел из дома без зонтика - тот я! 😬

Feeling pretty in my red dress 💋have a great weekend!

Dressing room selfie. Yes or no? #shopaholic

Art inspires me! ✨look at those beautiful Chihuly shells. Or flowers. Whatever they are, they are very aesthetic! 😍✨What inspires you? ✨Недавнее посещение выставки гениального стеклодува Дейла Чихули - полный восторг! А что вдохновляет вас? #inspired

Love is in the air #spring !

It was a good day, and tomorrow will be even better. Have a beautiful evening! ✨😘

I have cool friends with cool antique coffee grinders #espresso #espressolovers

Found those baby mangoes by the beach. Now get ripe already! Кто любит манго - тот я!!😋

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