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This squad right here tho..... .
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Quick sesh with a few homies in Vegas ✔ Now I bet you're wondering.... 'WHY ARE YALL FAT AFFFF?!' .... Truth is.. we're not 😲 That's right bruh. Social media pictures have brainwashed you into thinking a healthy, maintainable life is equivalent to a shredded 6-pack year-round. That is NOT the case... especially for a natural weightlifter like everyone in this pic. So if you're a natural weightlifter, this is your takeaway-- DON'T think you're 'fat' if you look like this or even a little higher in bodyfat. DON'T let clueless peoples opinions rain on your parade. You need a healthy level of fat to function/perform/grow properly in the offseason. You need a healthy level of fat for your hormones/libido/mood to run smoothly on all cylinders. What you see on social media is a small fraction of how people look when they are shredded... and that's it. Recycled pictures over and over. These same people gain bodyfat in their offseason.. but don't show you... causing a skewed perception to the ill-informed. So yea.. take another look at this pic. Not shredded. Not fat. Healthy and happy AF. Strive to find that balance... and enjoy the short stints of being leaner every cut. Just don't let yourself be fooled. #coachyuckdotcom

@chris_elkins is a huge advocate of balance. Balancing on dis lap after too many double-shots of vodka to pose for the Paparazzi ♥ On some real iShh though.. I love this dude. One of the realest. #bromanceAF #Vegas #Cosmopolitan #olympia #goodtimes

Just grubbed at Caesar's Palace Buffet with my boys 🔥 Got to catch up with this savage @fousey . First thing he tells me: 'Bruh I used to watch your videos all the time' ... kinda crazy because this dude has built a YouTube empire.... yet stays grounded. With the d*ck-measuring that happens across social media on a daily basis.... my bro Yousef is a breath of fresh air. I respect it. May have motivated me to dust off my YouTube channel real quick 🙃. Keep doing you bro.. and keep showin' people (with your new channel) how to elevate to be rich beyond things that money can buy. Legacy Over Currency. Much love. #fouseytube #Vegas #2017 #LOChype #LOC #LegacyOverCurrency

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I suck 😁 More pics coming soon. Been too busy having an incredible time in Vegas with incredible people! So humbled to always run into so much family at the Olympia expo 😆 Currently at a sports bar watchin football with my boys and I cant even yell cuz my voice is gone but got to support my Niners regardless! Will check back soon ♥ #thankyou #Olympia #Vegas #2017 #LOChype #LOC #LegacyOverCurrency

Vegas bound for the O. First time in 5+ years that I wont be going with my own company or a sponsors booth. Will be walking around with my boys @chris_elkins & Cohn Wolfe (sorry bro, my IG isnt let me tag your page because you dont have enough LBM) and enjoying it! Pretty JUICED tbh. Eye out for the @lochype swag & come say wussup❗Let's all kick it and have a blast 🔥 #LOChype #LOC #LegacyOverCurrency #olympia PC 📸: @davidlaid

@LOChype 🔥 Yo I never thought I'd be a dad hat type but these bad boys been makin me feel some type of way 😍 4 of 7 colors shown here. Not shown is a Spruce green, stone, & baby blue 👌 The hype is real.... (FOLLOW @LOChype if you're not already... & don't 😴 on our updates!) . OFF TO OLYMPIA TOMORROW. WHOS GOIN?!#dadhat #LOChype #LOC #LegacyOverCurrency

19 ➡ 24 🔥
Natural Transformation. Left pic was 2.5 years into my weightlifting journey. In these early years... I would primarily do bench press, biceps, and abs 6-7 days a week because thats all I knew. I would also run 3 miles Monday, 1 mile Tuesday, 3 miles Wednesday, 1 mile Thursday.... etc.. 7 days a week. I would restrict my diet to peanut butter sandwiches and oranges. Thats it. I thought I knew what I was doing because I was seeing results... but I was way off. Results can be had with the stupidest protocols (especially when you're a beginner)-- so don't be hard-headed and think that your way is the 'best' way to achieve something. Open your mind... LEARN THINGS CONSTANTLY... and apply. I want you guys to learn from my mistakes and optimize your time. With quality guidance.. and determination... sh*t can get pretty serious in a short time frame for any beginner :) If you have any questions about your methods or want to work with me 1 on 1... DM me.. I will be happy to help you & point you in the right direction. For my people who have been lifting for years... what were some of the crazy things you did when you started your journey?? 👇 #COACHYUCKDOTCOM #transformationtuesday #transformation

Crouching tiger hidden bromance .

16 years ago today. I can't believe how fast time flies. I vividly remember being in middle school getting ready for school... then seeing my mom staring at the TV in disbelief. I looked at the TV and a few seconds later... the surreal event got even more surreal as the 2nd plane struck the world trade center. It was just... fake. It could not be true. But it was. This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day at the incredible 9/11 Memorial Museum with @kelsiealyce and it was something we will never forget. I was able to go on video at the museum (you can too) and contribute my story from 9/11 where it will stay in the archive for all future visitors. Where were YOU when you heard of the attack on 9/11? What was going through your head? How did it change your life? Please post below... #911 #septembereleventh #nyc #worldtradecenter

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