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Live & Love A Healthy Life 🇦🇺  We only have one life, live it! We only have one body, cherish and nourish it! Be healthy, physically and mentally - so, why are you so busy🤔?

Purple Rice Smoothie with Coyo Swirls
"I have learned that there are things we cannot recover in life :
- stone after it is thrown
- word after it is said
- occasion after it is missed
- time after it is gone
- trust after it is lost
- people after they had passed."
Carpe Diem! We must be mindful of our words and behaviours. Treat people with love, kindness and respect; spend time with family and friends. You only live once #yolo and life is short. So, live life to the fullest and never regret anything that made you smile #noregrets #noguiltyconscience .
Simple reminders to go with my purple smoothie of purple cabbage, soaked chia and flaxseed, @amazoniaco purple rice protein, strawberries, baobab, @powersuperfoods maca, and @naturalrawc coconut water. Swirls were Coyo mixed with turmeric, @just_blends pitaya and butterfly pea powders. Happy every day, lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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Vegan Sweetpotato Brownies with @just_blends pitaya powder and @kenkotea matcha . Recipe in comments.
* "I have learned that love is not how much you say I love you but how much you can prove it's true." Saying is easy, doing is not. Many could talk the talk but only some could walk the talk. While it's very important to say the words, it's more essential to actually do all the little things that prove our feelings. A genuine smile, a hand written note or letter, a hug for no reason, a telephone call just to say hello, a home cooked meal, a helping hand to carry the groceries, wash the dishes, weed the garden or mow the lawn go a long way, more than words could ever say.
Mother's day has come and gone this year. I'm sure many mothers got pampered on that day with gifts, flowers and much more. Loving someone and showing them our love and appreciation should not be limited to occasions. It should be celebrated all the time. I always believe that when we are happy and surrounded by love and loved ones, every day is birthday, Valentine's day or whatever day we want it to be. We do not need any reason to give presents, send a card or call. We simply have to love enough to do all that and many other things, without any reservations or expectations. That to me is true love. *
Sending warm wishes and lots of love to Dana @ducklet1 , Crystal @crystalhughes , Gwen @whatsreallyinyourfoodcle , Mon @singh.monisha , Gena @youmatterhere and everyone who helped made Ricci's @rj3624 dream come true. Hurray, we did it.... that's a great feeling, right? I bet everyone is smiling. I've been grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland since yesterday. Heartfelt appreciation to @just_blends for reposting my smoothie bowl. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️❤️❤️
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Mother's Day spinach, avocado, soaked chia, persimmons, @pranaon protein smoothie with baobab, maca, coconut water, topped with persimmon, beetroot, activated buckini, almond, dried blueberry and barberry. Wholesome and nutritiously awesome to keep me going on one the busiest days of the year at work. "I have learned that a mother's love is eternal. She can love her child more than anything in this entire world. A mother gives love and care with no expectations. It is a tale of just giving, caring, pampering, loving and expecting nothing in return. Motherhood is one of the most important parts of a woman's life and it requires a lot of dedication, commitment and energy. A mother is somehow responsible for shaping up a child's personality and teaching them good human values. A mother inculcates teachings of right and wrong in her children and makes them realise their real potential. She helps them to learn how to survive in the world all alone. She knows how to read the eyes of her children and speak the language of their hearts. She can read the hidden expressions and confusions of her children and can see the depth of their souls. A mother is an epitome of love, sacrifice, strength and dedication and she has undiscovered physical and emotional strength when she has to look after her child." Eloquently and beautifully written by Aarti Khurana, from her website www.needtofeellove.com. "Mothers are angels in training. God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers." Mothers should be treasured 24/7, 365 days of a year. And the most important thing a father could do to his children is to love and respect their mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all. May your special day be filled with love, light, great times, great food and loud laughters. Mother's day means very long hours at work for me. I'm fine with that, has been for many years because I am really fortunate and blessed. The love of 3 beautiful children, their partners, some "adopted" ones and my love for them give me all the strengths I need. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️❤️❤️
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Purple Cabbage & Spinach Avocado Chia Protein Smoothie with granola, pomegranate and gooseberry. Made with @pranaon plant protein powder, @naturalrawc coconut water and lots of love. "I have learned that happiness is found in the simplest of things. Happiness is found in gratitude, in a kept promise, in a good conversation, in love, in friendship, in an achieved goal, in a fond memory; in all the simple magnificence of life." A beautiful quote by Behavioral Scientist and Author Dr. Steve Maraboli. Simple and true yet many fail to see that. To me, happiness is waking up in the morning in a warm bed, having clean water to drink, food to eat and clothes to wear. Happiness is having time to do the things I love like spending time with family and friends, cooking, working, chatting to people, some who I might not even meet in real life. Happiness is being grateful for everything, how many or how much, irrelevant. Happiness is being able to see positivity in every situation, good and bad. Happiness is spreading and sharing love, gratitude, kindness and compassion, hope and encouragement. Happiness is at times doing nothing at all or doing lots, whatever I fancy. Most importantly, happiness is knowing that it can only come from within me and not others.

Different people pursue different goals and outcomes in their life. Some yearn for certain badges on the cars they drive while others, the amount of rooms in their houses or the numbers in their accounts. If those were what they truly wanted, good on them. At the end of the day, the question is "What am I truly looking for and wanting to get out of this life?" Only you and you alone could answer that question for yourself. Happy Friday, may your days be happy and awesome. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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Mango & Carrot Protein Smoothie with soaked chia, oats, @pranaon coconut milk flavour plant protein & coconut water, top with tamarillo, @kenkotea matcha shredded coconut, puffed amaranth and pomegranate jewels. "I have learned that attitude is everything. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." We are aware of being tired, hungry or hurt but do we keep track of our attitudes? Most people don't.
Our attitudes govern the ways we see everything, how we present ourselves to the world and how the world sees us. Attitudes are programmable and it's up to us to either make them positive or negative. Bad attitudes developed from our early lives could be changed and replaced with good ones. We must constantly and intentionally control our mindsets and inner voices because they determine our attitudes. We cannot control things that happen around us; happy events, heartaches or disappointments but we can control the ways we react to them. If someone criticised you, do you take it to heart, lament in self-pity and sadness that could spiral into a downward fall of self-esteem? Our do you take it constructively, learn to overcome your shortcomings and lift yourself to be better? Do you turn up at work enthusiastic and ready to perform or do you show up apathetic and sluggish? ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! As said by Scott Hamilton "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." So, make yours great and awesome.

Heart felt gratitude to @veganheroes and @just_blends for reposting my bowls. Happy Monday, the new week is going to be fabulous. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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Purple Cabbage, Avocado, Chia & @amazoniaco RAW Purple Rice Protein Smoothie with matcha shredded coconut, pepita, strawberry, gooseberry, kiwi fruit and almonds "I have learned that ego kills knowledge. As knowledge requires learning and learning requires humility." This is one of the many things dad taught us when he was alive; he would've been 97 today. He said "only buckets half filled make noises." We struggled to understand when we were young and naive but as we grew older, his wise words became more and more meaningful.
Ego is a sense of self-esteem or self-worth. Some of it is good as it gives us self-confidence and pride, left unchecked and we'll become arrogant. Humility deals with modesty and knowing our limitations. Mark Sichel wrote this in Psychology Today "If we defined humility in a positive manner, we can call it the virtue of knowing your own limitations, the strength of admitting you're not always right, the knowledge that you are not God and that other people have something to teach you. Without humility it is impossible to feel and express gratitude, appreciation, hope, or empathy for others. In a narcissistic world where so many people crave admiration, practicing humility can be elusive." It's up to the individual to find that balance between ego and humility, so we come through proud yet modest, confident yet humble. It's a fine line indeed.

Happy Friday, happy every day. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
#smoothie #smoothiebowl #themsmoothiebowls #breakfast #plantbased #plants4food #shinebrighter #amazoniaco #fitness #fitnessnutrition #fitspo #raw #rawyourmeal #lovevegan #eatwell #eatclean #eathealthy #eatforhealth #eattherainbow #foodasmedicine #healyourself #healyourgut #ahealthynut #behealthybehappy #beautiful #positivethinking #foodforthought #love #sharethelove

The Good Chocolate Jar of raw cacao, soaked chia, protein, banana, almonds and strawberries. "I have learned that to be upset over what I don't have is to waste what I do have." One simple sentence that constantly reminds me to be grateful. Grateful for all that I'm blessed with. Grateful for waking up in the morning to beautiful sounds of chirping birds, a warm bed, fresh air, clean water and sunlight. Thankful for a good education, being literate and the ability to express myself through words. Education is compulsory in many countries but it's not a given in others; it's not a right, it's a privilege. I'm thankful for my 5 senses; there are many out there with less yet excelling in life. I am truly grateful to be living in a country where it's safe and peaceful when others lie awake at night to the sounds of violence wondering if they will see another dawn. Life will always have it's ups and downs and it pays to remember that whenever things are tough, there are still heaps to be grateful for in life. So, how about taking a pause to truly appreciate the things we have in life? Happy Monday, happy every day. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
#smoothie #smoothiejar #chocolate #breakfast #plantbased #plants4food #pranaon #pranaontribe #fitness #fitnessnutrition #fitspo #raw #rawyourmeal #lovevegan #eatwell #eatclean #eathealthy #eatforhealth #eattherainbow #foodasmedicine #healyourself #healyourgut #ahealthynut #behealthybehappy #thankful #foodforthought #love #life #gratitude

Salad Bowl of brown rice, roast pumpkin, pepita, barberry, crispy edamame, almonds, kale, cucumelons, candy stripe beetroot, medjool dates and mint leaves. "I have learned that angels are not any extraordinary beings with wings and a halo. They are ordinary people living ordinary lives. But they have special qualities that touch our hearts and souls in special ways. They are truly our best friends." Another one of Aarti Khurana's beautiful quotes. I believe there really are angels on earth. Normal people who do outstanding or remarkable things such as fire fighters, researchers, scientists, soldiers, police officers or teachers. People who try to make life better; some who may even risk their lives for the greater good. Our lives will not be what they are had there not be these beautiful people, thank you 🙏🙏🙏. 25th April, Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War 1. Nowadays, it's a day to commemorate the lives of all those from Australian and New Zealand lost in all military and peacekeeping operations. I believe every life is precious and every person is traumatised after being in wars or conflicts. Families and friends of lost ones or war veterans who survived, they all suffer. So on this day, I hope and pray for peace. Not just for Australia and New Zealand, but for every nation. I hope you'll join me.

A very special thank you to Shaliza @nalos_glutenfree_sugarfree for her special feature. Thank you to all who visit and support my posts. I do read all comments, just need more time to reply wholeheartedly. An extremely sore right wrist isn't helping either. You're all angels in your very special ways. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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Kale, Avocado & Cantaloupe Power Smoothie Bowl "I have learned that a woman is beautiful just the way she believes she is. She is whatever she truly believes in her heart. She can choose to live her life just the way she wants. She can choose to stay single or in a relationship. As long as a woman knows what she wants and gives her best to situations that need attention in her life, she is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to herself and others around her." Aarti Khurana wrote this. A lovely message to all women and a reminder to men with women in their lives. True beauty is more than a pretty face or a sexy body. Those are not everlasting. True beauty comes from the heart and mind, it illuminates from the soul. "True beauty radiates not from outer cosmetics, but from the simple joy of making a difference to those that need your voice, passion and time without expecting or wanting anything in return - Deborah Barnes." Green smoothie has kale, avocado, soaked chia, walnuts, @pranaon Multi Force powder, lemon and @naturalrawc coconut water. Swirls are made by combining Coyo with @matcha.blue matcha, @just_blends pitaya powder and turmeric.Top with sunflower seeds, puffed quinoa, persimmon and lots of 💗. I'm tagging all women, you're all beautiful. This is your crown. Wear it with confidence, a big smile and #sharethelove . Special hello to my dear M🐙N @singh.monisha for always brightening our lives with love and positivity. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
#smoothie #smoothiebowl #themsmoothiebowls #breakfast #plantbased #plants4food #pranaon #pranaontribe #fitness #fitnessnutrition #fitspo #raw #rawyourmeal #lovevegan #eatwell #eatclean #eathealthy #eatforhealth #eattherainbow #foodasmedicine #healyourself #healyourgut #ahealthynut #behealthybehappy #beautiful #crown #foodforthought #love

Appreciation Platter for Beautiful People such as Justine @pastryandtravel , Luz @whatsonmyplate_luz
Gwen @whatsreallyinyourfoodcle Steph @just_blends "I have learned that excellence is a journey, perfection is a destination. Effectiveness is quality, efficiency is achieving quantity utilising least time and resources." The pursuit of excellence is very different to the pursuit of perfection. One is all about doing our very best whereas the other, being the absolute best or being completely right. Google excellence versus perfection and you'll get a lot of links. My favourite article is found at www.excelatlife.com where you find 10 differences. So, are you a perfectionist or a pursuer of excellence? Do you value yourself for what you do or who you are? Are you devastated by criticism or will not start the journey for fear of failure? Or do you value criticism and learn from them, accept failure as an outcome knowing that you'd done your hardest? These are questions only you could answer. My belief is it's better to strive for excellence because excellence is effectiveness plus efficiency. "Pursuing excellence... unlike perfectionism.. does not demand a sacrifice of self-esteem as it tends to focus on the process of achievement rather than the outcome." Justine, Luz, Gwen and Steph are some of those exhibiting excellence through and through. Thank you for your beautiful dedications and blessing me with your support and encouragements. Most importantly, thank you all for the love and light, I am forever grateful 🙏🙏🙏. If only I could tag everyone. Love and hugs XOXO ❤️❤️❤️
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Raw Cacao Protein Smoothie with Raspberry & Green Apple "I have learned that excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." This is an extension of Aristotle's quote posted on February 3rd. Excellence is defined as a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. To me, it means doing my very best in everything I do, living to my highest potential and living my best life. It's about not accepting near enough as good enough or a mediocre "that will do attitude". Excellence is about doing little things well and beyond good, paying attention to details and constantly challenging our limits in thoughts or behaviours. We all have unlimited potential and it's up to us to unlock those potentials through conscious efforts. The pursue of excellence is not an act seeking recognitions or accolades, it's a continuous strive, a never ending journey of focused efforts and commitment to doing our very best. It's not about perfection, but then we'll explore that on a another day.
Today is Good Friday. It's a good day to throw out all our limiting beliefs and habits. A great day to start exploring and stretching our potentials, and be the best we could ever be.

I'm never a fan of Easter Eggs, this smoothie is my chocolate treat. It's made with frozen bananas, soaked organic chia seeds, flaxseed & walnuts in homemade almond milk, peanut butter, @powersuperfoods raw cacao, maca, @pranaon Himalayan Salted Caramel protein powder, pea protein and medjool dates. Top with puffed quinoa, barberry, pepita, pistachio, raspberry, green apple and edible flowers. Special hello to @nalos_healthy_nomnoms , hope your #nalosfoodartparty is going well. Happy Easter to all, may your days be filled with great health, love, happiness, laughters and excellence. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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Beetroot & Blackberry Smoothie with Cashew Cream Swirls "I have learned that living this life has taught me no matter how many times my love was not returned, I still have a lot to give to others and myself." A beautiful quote by Dodinsky @dodinsky author of the NY Times bestselling book "In The Garden Of Thoughts". Love, compassion and kindness are endless. The more we give of these, the more we will have of them. Every act, regardless of size, blesses the receiver and most importantly, the giver. So, please spread them out, share around genuinely and generously without any expectations, make this world a better place for all. Bear in mind these words by Dr. Debasish Mridha "I have three powers to win the world: my omnipotent love, my omnipresent kindness and my omniscient compassion"

This smoothie has raw beetroot, blackberry, soaked chia, oats, lemon, @pranaon power plant protein, @kakaduplumco kakadu plum powder, maca, baobab and @naturalrawc coconut water. Top with cashew cream swirls coloured with @just_blends pitaya and @kenkotea matcha powder, puffed quinoa, pepita, pecan, edible flowers and chocolate mint leaves.
Last but not least, heartfelt gratitude and love to Zuzu @naturallyzuzu for putting me together with beautiful souls @plantifullybased @samanthahadadi @creativekitchening in her #inspiredbyzuzu #sharethelove feature and to @matcha.blue @matcha.red @match.pink for reposting my pumpkin & papaya bowl. Lots of love and hugs XOXO ❤️
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