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Ysmay  Digital strategist and web designer with 18+ years of experience. I 💖 coffee, tattoos, yoga, Downton Abbey, pandas, and gangsta rap. 👑🐼🙏🏻🎨


It's not enough for your site to be gorgeous or to work really well. To truly convert visitors into leads, it has to be at the intersection of form and function.

⭐️🎨 Spending some time this afternoon creating brand kits for my Designerless Web Design students. The Designerless Brand Library is rolling out April 1st, and comes with website page designs, and social media templates. This is my favourite part!

Spent my Friday evening redesigning my own website in prep for next month's launch. Tomorrow's project? Copywriting. Yeah, it may seem like I'm just working all weekend, but I love what I do, so...is it really work? Nah. Hope you have a lovely weekend! ❤️

I'm in love with this tree. Trees are cool.

A common misconception is that your homepage on your website is all about you. What you like, what you want to talk about. Wrong! Your homepage is about the action you want your audience to take so they go deeper into your site. Whether that's read a blog post, sign up for a freebie, listen to a podcast.
Your homepage is about getting your audience off your homepage and onto another part of your website.
Covering all this and more in Designerless, my new DIY Web Design Class that just opened in beta. https://www.ysmay.com/designerless

Unexpected snow today, but the sun was still shining through.

When you're building your site you need to think about the fact you only have a few seconds -- yes, seconds -- to make a good, solid first impression. Put your best foot forward. Show your best self in the very opening of your website. Keep them wanting more. 👌

Hard at work on my web design class today! Launch got pushed back because of the AWS outage, which gave me some time to bust out my notebook and brainstorm some modifications.

In a group I'm in the other day someone asked, "What should my homepage have on it?" I was amazed by some of the answers designers gave. 🙈
The fact of the matter is there is no one sized fits all answer here. Your website needs to be in alignment with your business model. Your website and homepage elements need to be about how you want to work. The best homepage elements for an in person service provider are going to be different than for someone who teaches online.
Covering all this and more in Module 1 of my new web design class. Doors open Wednesday. http://www.ysmay.com/designerless

One of my favourite things to do is sit down with my notebook, make plans, and create strategies. How do you like to wind down the afternoon?

A random website visitor should be able to tell what you do within the first few seconds of getting to your website. How do you do this? A combination of things. Your navigation. Your hero image. Your main CTA. The types of content that appear on your homepage. If you show your website to someone who knows you and what you do, and they go, "Huh?" you should spend some time refocusing your homepage to make it more obvious what you do and who you serve. We go over all this and more in my new class Designerless. Doors open March 1st. Save your seat: http://www.ysmay.com/designerless

Watched the sunrise from an airplane this morning. Starting to understand why people like mornings.

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