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Yale Sustainable Food Program  On the farm, in the classroom, and around the world, the YSFP grows food-literate leaders.


Lazarus Summer Interns headed out to Branford, Conn. to see what 3D kelp farming looks like in the Long Island Sound. @greenwaveorg is at the forefront of farming the ocean for kelp and shellfish as a means to providing beneficial ecosystem services and creating a blue-green economy.
On the Yale Farm, we use Greenwave's kelp to create a potent, fertilizing brew that incorporates seaweed's nutrients into our soil. Since agricultural runoff β€” nitrogen-rich fertilizers β€” often find their way into streams and rivers, kelp can serve as a buffer to take some of those nutrients back up to mitigate the effects of eutrophication and oxygen depletion. Bringing kelp back onto our Old Acre illustrates a way we might close the loop, and situate the Yale Farm in the material flows of our regional ecosystem. #yalefarm

Summer colors on display @cityseedhaven Wooster Square Market 9:00 am – 1:00 pm today! πŸ•ΊπŸΌ

Bunchin' onions. They'll be seeing you at @cityseedhaven Wooster Square Farmers' Market. #oniongirl #yalefarm

Red star πŸ“ at attention. #yalefarm

Happy Fourth! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ here's Ariana Shapiro '16 this past April channeling her inner-George Washington. (He chopped that cherry tree, right?) #july4th #yalefarm

Say πŸ‘‹ to Josh at @cityseedhaven Wooster Square this morning until 1:00 pm! We've got πŸ₯•, spicy πŸ₯—, turnips, peas, and herbs 🌿. Then, hop πŸ‡ over to the #YaleFarm for some volunteering (open till 4:00 pm) if your heart so desires.

today: volunteering from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. 🌻 tomorrow: we'll be at Goffe Street Park, canvassing and getting the word out about #SummerMeals (come join). we'll be back at the Farm for volunteering by 1:00 pm. πŸšͺ @endhungerct @ctfoodbank @ctsummermeals #yalefarm

Longest day of summer = as many people under hoops munching peas as possible. Good to see you again, @nslcleaders! #peas #nitrogen #solstice

Last week, the Lazarus summer interns headed up north to Athol, Mass. for farm work and bonding at @the_farm_school. The Farm School is home to a diverse suite of farm-based programming β€” a yearlong learn-to-farm training curriculum, an on-site middle school, and a program for schoolkids from around New England β€” and some pretty amazing human beings. The Farm School presented an excellent space for thinking about how folks are trained in sustainable agriculture techniques, especially in this part of the country, and ample opportunities for exposure to animal agriculture that we don't necessarily have on Edwards Street. (Also, πŸ‘‹ @smendels316!) #TheFarmSchool

The course "Bread: A Biblical and Theological History," taught by @abmcg, came to the farm for a thorough inspection of the wheats we grow and an 18-minute-long matzo baking session. #breadcourse #einkorn #wheat #🍞

Lazarus Summer Interns witness reduced tillage systems up CLOSE. Tyson Neukirch of @the_farm_school shows us a roller crimper on loan from @stockbridge_sch @umass 🌾

Summer starts NOW @cityseedhaven Wooster Square Market. 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. We brought so much #yalefarm salad, it's silly 😜

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