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Yale Sustainable Food Program  On the farm, in the classroom, and around the world, the YSFP grows food-literate leaders.


#MigrantJustice joined us last Thursday β€” pictured here are David, Enrique and Brendan β€” as a part of their #MilkWithDignity tour, "Human Rights Can't Wait." "It doesn't matter if you're vegan, or lactose intolerant, or not eating dairy β€” if you're not actively fighting for human rights, you're not helping," was one snippet of the tour that sticks. After a meeting with the Yale Food Law Society and the course "Social Justice in Sustainable Food Systems," #JusticiaMigrante joined @ezrastilescollege @ezrastiles for a college tea. Abundant thanks to our partners for hosting. #derechoshumanos #lechecondignidad #foodsystems #chewingthefat #intheclassroom @yalefes @yale

summer veggies + fall veggies + Lauren + Sarah + all @cityseedhaven vendors = 🌈! (9:00 am – 1:00 pm today)

Women, Food, and Culture (WGSS 120), taught by Professor Maria Trumpler, perennially comes to the farm to bake bread in the Yale Farm's hearth oven to inhabit the moment hunter-gatherer societies turned to grain-growing (represented here by a 10,000-year-long timeline of grain varieties that Jeremy is narrating). #YaleFarm #intheclassroom 🌾🍞

See you @cityseedhaven Wooster Square Market? 9:00 am – 1:00 pm today?

well, this is quite a roster! there'll be pizza on the farm at 4:30 pm. count on seeing you there? πŸ•Ά πŸ• ❀️

current moon: Susan Mitchell at @cloverleighfarm reports that Harvest support crew leaders eclipsed a watch party at Horsebarn Hill. #Harvest2017 #Eclipse2017

Absolutely not at all excited or looking forward to the fact that first years are about to descend upon small and sustainable farms across the state of Connecticut! #Harvest2017 #yalefarm #sarcasm

Our annual Lazarus Summer Internship in Food and Agriculture just ended in a flourish of #yalefarm salad and cherry tomatoes! Our six @yale undergraduate interns are sending thanks to all of the land farmers, ocean farmers, professors, doctors, soil ecologists, foresters, school programs, seed stewards, nurses and nutritionists who made this summer of food study possible. πŸ™Œ

@commongroundct @massaro_farmers @the_farm_school @greenwaveorg @cityseedhaven @b.oldfield @crembie @debgreig @shan.murray @baldorfood #seedshed #smokedownfarm #connecticutmentalhealthcenter #yalemyersforest

L. L. Langstroth, Yale College Class of 1831, was a clergyman and is considered to be the father of American beekeeping. His namesake hive is the standard, rectangular, top-opening style that is used among apiarists to this day. He is projected here. Noah Macey, Yale College Class of 2019, presented last night on alternative hive structures that support pollinator populations, ways the Langstroth hive became locked in as the standard, and his own experiences as a master beekeeper. He's standing next to Langstroth. #yalefarm #beespace #🐝 #🍯

Giving our carrots a quick shower before their debut at tomorrow's @cityseedhaven Wooster Square market. #πŸ₯• #🚿 #yalefarm

"A multitude of Yale College classes come to the Yale Farm to visit our grain field as part of their credit-based study. Anthropology Professor Brian Wood brings his 'Human Ecology' course (ANTH 271) to compare annual grain sowing techniques with perennial cultivation techniques. Classics Professor Noel Lenski brings 'The Romans: A Cultural Introduction' (CLCV 257) to observe the attributes of wheat that allowed for systems of trade and empire. Russian Professor Bella Grigoryan brings 'Masterpieces of Russian Literature' (RUSS 250) to thresh and winnow our wheat harvest, gaining insight on power dynamics between two feuding farmers in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Professor Maria Trumpler brings 'Women, Food and Culture' (WGSS 120) to turn our threshed and milled wheat into flatbread in our farm oven, using recipes found at the @BeineckeLibrary.
So interwoven is wheat with human history, culture, and health, that we feel like these classes are just scratching the surface of the academic usefulness of on-campus grain production. As farm manager at the Yale Farm, I feel like I am also just scratching the surface of the YSFP's collaboration with The Bread Lab Director, Steve Jones, who got this ball rolling five years ago. It was in this spirit that I attended The Bread Lab's annual conference, The Grain Gathering, last week in Washington’s Skagit Valley, along with @Yale professors Jim Scott and Maria Trumpler." β€” Jeremy Oldfield's reflecting on his entrΓ©e into @wsu_bread_lab's Grain Gathering this past week. #🍞 #🌾 #graingathering2017

Lazarus Summer Interns headed out to Branford, Conn. to see what 3D kelp farming looks like in the Long Island Sound. @greenwaveorg is at the forefront of farming the ocean for kelp and shellfish as a means to providing beneficial ecosystem services and creating a blue-green economy.
On the Yale Farm, we use Greenwave's kelp to create a potent, fertilizing brew that incorporates seaweed's nutrients into our soil. Since agricultural runoff β€” nitrogen-rich fertilizers β€” often find their way into streams and rivers, kelp can serve as a buffer to take some of those nutrients back up to mitigate the effects of eutrophication and oxygen depletion. Bringing kelp back onto our Old Acre illustrates a way we might close the loop, and situate the Yale Farm in the material flows of our regional ecosystem. #yalefarm

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