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Yoshiko Wong💋 琪琪  🦄 7 July ❄️Live the life you want, not who they want you to become. ❤️Make every moment count #YoshiJourney #yoshikowong 🔥YouTube latest video⬇️

Think of solutions.
Don't let worry control you.
Don't let stress break you.
Simply breathe.
It'll be okay.
Because you don't quit.

我终于和我Oppaaaa合照啦😍!这一次我去香港找不到林俊杰就找了宋仲基哈哈哈 找宋仲基也挺难的 在现实中找仲基欧巴这样的人更难了 不过没关系 毕竟人无完人嘛~ 我有一个APP强推我爱的你们🙈!一开始玩 #soulapp 就不能停了😆 尤其是它里面的测试很准确,它还会 identify 你的性格来做配对哦🌝 还认识了一些来自不同国家的新朋友呢🤩还可以在树洞里面尽情的Show urself🍃🍃 还没下载 #soulapp 的赶快来下载 和我一起玩玩呀☃️ @soul_withu
❤Soul App 跟随灵魂找到你
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#Soul App跟随灵魂找到你
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Early Christmas surprise for granny👵🏻
All the small little things makes her smile😍
It’s always good to throw some surprises to cheer people around us up🥳
Sometimes life is not just about us ourself. It’s about the joys you brought to those around you. Those who gave up everything for us and love us unconditionally.
I got this Blossom Balloons Rustic Christmas Package (Rose flower box+8 Balloons)
Pm @theblossomballoons for more information about the colours and detail.
Thanks Jasmine for sending it all the way to me💕😚
Use promo code [YOSHIKO], 20% off for this package (np: RM310)

Listen guys, I think they read my mind. People who knows me know that I’m in love with salted egg right? Then I went to #barbqplazamalaysia and they are now having new salted egg combo set. The side dishes, the sauce even the ice cream has salted egg on it. As this set is for 2-3 pax, you might as well want to bring a third-wheel along🤭
Whoops, so who would you want to bring to try this with you?😋

Things end when it’s time for you to step into something greater. Don’t stop the process by being afraid of what comes next or staying the same just because it’s comfortable. It’s okay to evolve and outgrow people. It’s also perfectly fine to not know what comes next. Just go on 😚 but good vibes please🥳

Flyyy baby flyyy🤣
Another first attempt💨achievement unlock 🤩
@qianku invited me🙋🏻‍♀️💕
Amazing experience THANKS @jasonlimdd ! 🤩
#yoshijourney #yoshikowong

Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up👣

Gai gai 日 with lil nephew👦🏻
Jude Jude, doing that wont make your face smaller ok🤪🤣🤣

Sparkling Pink to welcome december❄️
Silver seems to match everything 🥳 💅🏻: @bgpmy_nail at The Gardens
Soft pinky hair with inner blue done by @shauncheonghair 🧚🏻‍♀️

What’s the one lesson 2018 taught you so far?
Mine was getting to see people who would actually stayed by my side when shits happened. Good to know which kinds of people I should’ve stayed away❄️ 2018 was SO TOUGH I nearly hang myself up HAHAHA so dear yoshiko, anything that couldn’t fit you in 2019. Kick them away in your boots. You can’t please everyone so just don’t.☃️ OKAY SNOW MALAYSIA SNOW🌬❄️

It’s Christmas month ❄️☃️ altho there’s no winter here 🌬

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