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#NapSays this amazing bird lives only on Christmas Island, Australia and can stay aloft for up to a week because of its especially large wingspan! ACTION: Have you been to a nature preserve with your family or school? These are special areas specially made to protect wildlife and plant life so they can be studied by scientists! Find a nature preserve near you and make a trip there to learn about the unique wildlife that is specific to your area of the world! #YowieWorld365

#BoofSays okapi are a very shy rainforest animal. These cool looking creatures are related to giraffes--- they look like a cross between a giraffe and zebra! ACTION: You can save energy with little gestures--- like deciding what you want to eat before you open the refrigerator door to minimize energy waste! #YowieWorld365

#CragSays the anaconda is the biggest snake in the world--and it never stops growing! This giant, semi-aquatic meat-eater lives in the swampy areas of South America, and it grows bigger and bigger each year of its life! ACTION: Ask a parent to help you keep track of your "shower minutes!" Each time you take a shower under less than 5 minutes, you get 5 minutes of playtime as a reward for helping save the environment! #YowieWorld365

#RumbleSays a desert tortoise can go up to a year without requiring fresh water! They store water in their bladders and it is dispersed throughout their bodies when they need it! ACTION: Humans can't go a year without food and water like our friend the desert tortoise, but we can practice only taking what we need! Make a pledge to only fill your plate with what you can really eat, so nothing is wasted! You can always go back for seconds! #YowieWorld365

The South American Tapir is part of our All-Americas Collection! This cool creature can hold its breath for up to 3 minutes under water! #CollectThemAll ACTION: Click the link in our bio to download a free poster with awesome facts about all of the animals in this limited-edition collection! #YowieWorld365

#DittySays hedgehogs are called the ‘gardener’s friend’ for good reason! They eat many of the bugs and pests that are bad for your plants - like slugs and snails! ACTION: Have a fruit and vegetable appreciation feast with goodies from your own garden or farmer's market! Make sure you talk about the foods, where they come from, what they do for your body, and what it takes to produce them -- and most of all, how glad you are for them! #YowieWorld365

#DittySays prairie dogs create habitats for over 100 species with their complex colonies, called "prairie dog towns." ACTION: Make a mobile out of your Yowie! #YowieWorld365

#FanFriday Shout out to @justmevictoria_ for sharing these 3 adorable friends! ACTION: Always make sure you are either recycling your candy wrappers or making sure they make it to the trash bin after you’ve finished with your tasty treat! #YowieWorld365

#NapSays did you know trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, and never die of old age? Amazing! 
ACTION: Visit this website for some tips on making your home Tree-Free! http://www.postconsumers.com/education/tree-free-eco-homes/ #YowieWorld365

#BoofSays half of all the world's plants and animals live in rainforests! ACTION: Use less paper and save trees! Make new arts and crafts with old magazines or newspapers #YowieWorld365

#CragSays wetlands act as nature’s water filter. This is because the animals, plants and bacteria that live in wetlands remove harmful impurities in water long before it reaches our homes! ACTION: Be careful what you wash down the sink (avoid washing oil, paint or hazardous chemicals down the drain) because this waste can harm our waterways! #YowieWorld365

#RumbleSays armadillos are the only species that can roll themselves into tights balls for protection against predators. They have special flexibility in their spines to be able to do this! ACTION: Armadillos are in grave danger of habitat loss and need our help! Make a pledge to help save them and learn more by visiting the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project website: http://www.rzss.org.uk/conservation/our-projects/project-search/field-work/giant-armadillo-conservation-project/#YowieWorld365

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