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Yowie World  -Save the natural world with daily fun🌎 -Discover endangered species wrapped in chocolate🍫 -FB// YowieWorld🐼


It’s #FanFriday and we love seeing all your yummy Yowie! Thanks @rabbitmayhem! Show us your photos with us for a chance to be featured! #YowieWorld365

It’s #ElephantAppreciationDay! An elephant’s trunk is a really powerful tool! It has over 40,000 muscles and can smell water from miles away! ACTION: Want to see these amazing creatures in action? @theelephantsanctuary streams live footage of its elephant friends through their website! You can learn a lot from these elephants by watching what they do everyday! #YowieWorld365

FUN FACT: fish are covered in scales which are often covered in a layer of slime to help their movement through water! Some of these scales appear shimmery and shiny. ACTION: Watch this video to see how you can make a shimmery and shiny Yowie glitter dispenser! 💎🤗 #YowieWorld365

#NapSays pigeons are extremely good at geo-location and can even remember people and places throughout the course of their life! ACTION: Keep a nature journal. Every time you go on a nature walk, camping trip, or a long drive in the countryside, make sure to jot down what you see or sketch some plants or animals you might observe. You’ll be glad to look back and remember each time you’ve seen something new in nature! #YowieWorld365

#BoofSays the semi-aquatic, amazonian Fishing Spider runs across the surface of the water to grab fish, tadpoles and insects! Some species can even blow an air bubble they can stay inside while they slip under water to fish! ACTION: No one likes fishing in dirty water! Help fight water pollution by using a natural drain cleaner instead of a chemical one! Pour equal parts white vinegar, hot water and baking soda down the drain and rinse away after 30 mins! It’ll do the trick! #YowieWorld365

Look! Boof made friends with a bearded dragon! We love seeing our fans sharing their Yowie with the animal kingdom @axieglower! Remember to show us your #YowieWorld365 photos for a for a chance to be featured!

#CragSays salamanders can grow back lost legs, tails and toes in just a few weeks! This helps them survive attacks from predators in the swamp!
ACTION: Did you know you can replant food scraps like the bottoms of onions, celery and lettuce cores to grow new veggies? If you have a backyard or kitchen garden, all it takes is a little soil, water and sunshine to grow whole new lettuce or celery plant! #YowieWorld365

Barbara, a South Dakota Yowie fan, enjoying her 95th birthday in style! We love to see Yowie fun surprises. Don’t forget to send us your photos for a chance to be featured! #YowieWorld365

#RumbleSays it’s true! In some species, the male penguin helps keep the eggs warm while females leave to hunt! ACTION: Penguin populations are most at risk due to climate change and oil spills. Go follow International Bird Rescue @intbirdrescue to learn more about how to get involved. These guys help save birds from all over the world! #YowieWorld365

The South American Tapir is a super swimmer and can hold its breath underwater for up to three minutes! Find this little fellow in our All-Americas Collection! #CollectThemAll! ACTION: We know it’s fun to splash around in the bathtub, but did you know that a shower takes half as much water? When you can, switch to showers and save water!#YowieWorld365

#SquishSays whale poop acts as compost for algae and the marine environment! Its manure distributes nutrients throughout the waters of the world oceans - just like cow manure helps farmers grow healthy gardens! ACTION: Always make smart choices when eating seafood. Talk to an adult about ways they can help you learn more! Sustainable seafood is important - because a healthy ocean helps healthy fish and healthy fish are much better for us! #YowieWorld365

#DittySays it’s #NationalFarmAnimalsWeek! Yup! The chicken is the closest living relative to the T-Rex! Many scientists think this little farm animal shares an evolutionary link to the T-Rex because of similar muscle and bone tissues! ACTION: Make a plan with your family to visit a local farm this month! It’s a really fun way to see where your food is grown and meet some barnyard animals! Some locations even let you pick your own fruits and veggies so you can head home with something yummy and fresh for dinner! #YowieWorld365

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