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Yowie World  -Save the natural world with daily fun🌎 -Discover endangered species wrapped in chocolate🍫 -FB// YowieWorld🐼 What makes you say "Yowie"?!!


The whole #Yowie gang is out and about enjoying the snow! Love that @hershelves_elves braved the wintery weather to snap her #YowieWorld365 photo! Share yours for a chance to be featured! ❤️👍❄️🍫

#CragSays these North-American wetland dwellers are excellent swimmers thanks to their webbed back feet and flat tails! They can swim just as well backwards and they can forwards! Pretty impressive, right? ACTION: Take care around any flooded waterways this winter. Watch your step and be cautious to step around any animal shelters - animals, like beavers and muskrats, take a lot of care to build sturdy and well-hidden homes for themselves! #YowieWorld365 💦🍃🍂

#RumbleSays this cat might look a lot like your family pet at home, but it’s actually an African Wild Cat! These cool cats are accustomed to moving around frequently in search of new shelter and food, almost every few days! ACTION: Got a cat-related question? Puuuuurfect! Share it below - maybe one of our feline friends from the #Yowie community has the answer you’re looking for! #YowieWorld365

This reptile’s funny nose is made of two separate plates that meet to form a horn at the end of its snout! Add the Strange-Horned Chameleon to your collection by finding it in our Rescue Series! #CollectThemAll ACTION: This guy makes his home in the remote rainforests of central Africa and is endangered due to extensive logging in the area! You can help prevent logging in little ways like reducing your paper use! If each family in the U.S. used ONE LESS paper towel roll each year we could save over 500,000 trees! Opt for reusable dishcloths and ditch the paper towels! #YowieWorld365 ♻️🦎👍🌲

#SquishSays the largest known squirrel on Earth, the Indian giant squirrel, can grow up to 3 feet long! Another fun fact: these guys, like many other squirrels, use their tails as a signalling device, twitching it in a distinct way to alert other squirrels of potential danger! ACTION: Never, ever use pesticides in your garden - this is like poison for our little squirrel friends! If pest control is an issue, try to look for pesticide-free alternatives. Your local squirrel population will definitely thank you! #YowieWorld365 ❤️🐿🌰

#DittySays Emperor penguins have not one, not two, but FOUR layers of scale-like feathers! These layers overlap each other, which forms great protection from the wind and blizzards of the Antarctic! ACTION: It’s #PenguinAwarenessDay! Share the penguin love by reposting this funny photo or by posting your own! Remember to tag us! #YowieWorld365 ❄️🐧📸

Thanks for the awesome shot of #Squish (and the cute nail art to boot!) @emma.dee.1! Our fans are so creative! We want to see your #YowieWorld365 photos! Share for a chance to be featured! #FanFriday 💅👍❤️

#NapSays only found in North America, bald eagles build very large nests, sometimes weighing as much as a ton! Happy #BaldEagleAppreciationDay! ACTION: Follow @NationalEagleCenter for some really great info on the latest conservation efforts for these amazing birds! They also post regular videos of their rescued eagle residents so you can see them up-close -and-personal. Check them out! #YowieWorld365 🦅❤️👍👀

#BoofSays the Bagheera Kiplingi spider is native to Mexico and Costa Rica. Out of 40,000 other species of spiders, it is the only one known to be a vegetarian! It lives off of the buds from the acacia plant, leaping nimbly from bud to bud. ACTION: Remember to eat your veggies! It’s healthy for your body and it’s great for the environment! Take a trip to your local farmer’s market with your family and pick out a new vegetable that you haven’t tried before. You’ll enjoy discovering ways to cook it, and if it’s a hit, adding it to your regular grocery list! #YowieWorld365 🕷❤️🥕🥒🌽

#CragSays they might not breathe fire, but nature has plenty of real dragons out there, and some can even fly! The Flying Dragon, the Dracogenus of lizards, is one of them! This adaptation serves them well in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, where they can glide from tree to tree! #AppreciateADragonDay ACTION: From Bearded to Komodo - there are many variations of dragon-like animals! Do you have one to share? Let us know below in the comments! #YowieWorld365 🐲❤️👍

#RumbleSays this guy camouflages into the winter snow with his white fur, which helps his body absorb the maximum amount of heat from the sun to stay warm when the temperatures drop! He also changes colors in the summer to help him hide among the tundra rocks and plants! ACTION: Could the color of your house actually affect its temperature and energy efficiency? It does indeed - light-colored materials reflect more light than darker materials. This has to do with the number and type of chemical bonds in a material! #YowieWorld365 ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🌈

Part of our new Rescue Series, the African Bush Elephant is the largest land-mammal on our planet! These massive creatures can eat up to 300 lbs of vegetation daily and can be found in both the grassy and woodland areas of sub-Saharan Africa. #CollectThemAll ACTION: Want to learn more about these incredible creatures? Test your knowledge, collect cool prizes and invite friends to play online with you by visiting our website! #YowieWorld365 🖥👍❤️

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