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In frame @vrinda.chadha
Shot by @innisingh
Makeup by @jyoti_harbir
Krishna’s flute is the symbol of freedom. Hollow, just as a being in the microcosm who is free of ego. An unreserved self-surrender into the Supreme Self. So he can play his divine music through us.

In frame @divyagoswamidikshit - There exists duality everywhere ..... the instant I say man, there exists a woman. The moment the sun rises for it to be a daylight, the moon shine brings us a night. There is light and yet it's strength lies with darkness. The depth of love comes with pain. The wait brings about a smile. You want to touch but you must let go. The movement is all around, yet the beauty is in stillness.
What we seek is rising above.... the state when the dualities, the energy, dissolves into 'oneness'. The opposites become complimentary.

As we were discussing @innisingh that this pic is this and that. Thank you so much for the lovely experience yet again. 'It's all in the eyes' as you say, of the person behind and in front of the camera. #kathak #kathakdancer #kathakdance #divyagoswami #divyakala #innisingh #dance #dancersofinstagram #dancer #dancerslife #dancelife #dancelove #photography #photographer #photographersofinstagram #photographersofindia #dancephotography #danceblog #worldofartists #itsallintheeyes #lights #advait #dualities #indianclassicaldance - #regrann

In frame @_mjdev - 🎭 - #regrann

In frame @nayantara_kathak - Another one with a slightly better view of the detail in the costume texture. This Anarkali and dupatta is what I wore to my engagement in 2012! The ghagra (skirt) is part of a costume that some of you might have seen in my earlier posts. I just threw the two together and they worked for this look that we wanted. Although I wouldn't wear this anarkali on stage simply because the tight fit and low cleavage is tooooo much for classical dance! 😜 Also, in reference to the quote on my post yesterday, although I believe in perseverance, courage and and self-motivation, I also believe that these qualities fluctuate in all of us. Anyone can lose hope and motivation, even for the things they love doing the most. We are human afterall. Sometimes we feel we don't have the support we need, and our inner fire just needs to be rekindled with a little bit of positivity and encouragement from an external source. I've been through it myself, even with my dance. And much more often than you'd think. But thanks to a few people like my mom, my husband and my friend @dr.poorvashah, I find the courage and strength I need to go on. Find your support and reach out to them whenever you need. And if you have no one else, you can always send me a message! Have a great week everyone! Lots of love 🌅 - #regrann

In frame @himanshiieeee - sealed in tiny bottles & tubes, lip-shades are not just meant for make-up affairs. they hide, they highlight. their subtlety is confidence on a woman's face. their faded hints, are evidences of stolen kisses. different shades are reflections of different demeanours. morning to evening, good-days and bad-days, they compliment a woman's happiness & they conceal her vulnerability. they don't just fit to any occasion, they are a part of the occasion of life. lip-shades aren't just for make-up affairs, they are the witnesses of a lifetime affaire. ~ Himanshi. #Unvoicedvoid. .
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