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Here is our ramadhan schedule

Our new classes for the month of Ramadhan are,
Calisthenics classes Led by @Faleenation
Ashtanga yoga led by @zaminiyoga
Lioness led by @thelionessbh calisthenics/bootcamp for women
Dynamix by @dynamix_fitx
Control the chimp Led by @nooralqalamawi
You can DM us if you have any questions or contact their accounts for further inquiry!!

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Our all new schedule is up and ready!! Starting from second week of May 👐👐👐👐 Rise up- Early morning calisthenics classes

Lunch hour- Quick 45 Min workout to burn some fat and gain some muscle 💪💪💪💪💪💪 Fundamentals- Mix beginners class

Basics- intermediate Calisthenics movements

Ashtanga yoga- taught by @zaminiyoga

I can say that my handstand is getting better 🙃⚠️

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Discipline 2.0



I had great pleasure working with each one of you ❤️ Sorry if the pictures is missing anyone.

Wait for it ✌🏻

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جولة الألعاب الجمبازية الحرة تنطلق للمرة الأولى في البحرين في #مراسي_البحرين. لا تفوتوا المنافسة الشيقة بين القوة والثبات في تحدي الحركات الديناميكية و
. ستجمع المنافسة 16 متبارياً من عدة دول يومي 7 و8 أبريل من الساعة 4-8 مساءً. The Battle of the Bars kicks off for the first time in Bahrain at #MarassiAlBahrain. 16 athletes from different countries will challenge their body weight with ultimate strength and dynamic movements on 7th & 8th of April from 4-8pm.

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Exciting news Bahrain!! For the first time, BOTB 16 man tournament is taking place on the Island 🌴☀️ Athletes looking to compete need to post a 30 sec - 1 min video using the hashtag #BOTB_BH
Or send us a video on
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Yeah ... need to work on art again ✏️📜💭

Flying ..

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