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|Your Tea|Teatox|Detox|Matcha|  Creating a healthier you. A range of unique teas for digestion, weight loss, skin, liver cleansing & more using Traditional Chinese Medicine 👻yourtea

Our secret tea stash...we keep the best ones hidden 😉

Some overdue time out 📷 @dream_casa

Only 6 hours until Dr Nat TCM will be Live on Facebook to talk Sugar's Sneaky Side Effects @natkringoudis head to

A cooling summer snack. Eat for the seasons. Your body will thank you. 📷 @nourishmemum

🙌 Hot tip: ditch the sugar. Sugar leads to digestive troubles, candida for example, which feeds on more sugar and leaves you feeling constantly hungry.

How is your tea shelf looking?

Sugar's Sneaky Side learn more head to and tune into FB Live this weekend to listen to Dr. Nat @natkringoudis

Is there anything better than the beauty we see in nature?

There are, of course, times that we all crave something 'naughty'. And that's when we thank the universe for @pana_chocolate and their delicious refined sugar-free creations. Head to the website to find out about Sugar's Sneaky Side Effects and why you should stick to the guilt-free stuff.

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Somewhere we'd like to sit and watch the world float by... 📷 @dirka

The Man Box, including a selection of our favourite teas for those, ahhhh, necessary ailments...and also Man Tea whose ingredients have been shown to increase stamina, strength and muscle mass. Winning. 💪

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