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Your Tea  Your Tea creates tea blends based on Traditional Chinese (TCM) Medicine principles, developed by TCM Doctors #yourtea

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Jokes aside - your flatulence isn’t suppose to smell like a bag of toy on eggs. It’s quite indicative of what’s going on inside your gut. So, if you’re clearing rooms when you drop one, a 14 day TinyTea is 100% going to be your best friend. It’ll assist in addressing a compromised gut and address stagnation. Our 2 day TinyTea works out at around 80 cents a teabag. Cheaper than air freshener 🤷‍♂️ click image to shop now x #yourtea #tinytea fart words by @crazybitchprobs_

Endometriosis - we’ve asked our Dr. @natkringoudis to write a blog on the ins, the outs, the root cause, ways to overcome the symptoms.
It’s a topic we are passionate about. Here’s a brief expert below, link to full blog is in bio 🖤
Dr. @natkringoudis “Endometriosis is a pesky condition that affects around 10% of women of reproductive age. It can be stubborn, completely debilitating and whilst it may sound like a death sentence there is good news on the horizon for many reasons – we’ll get into that in a bit.

Modern medicine now considers endometriosis as an autoimmune condition. It is not a disease as some might suggest but rather, a disorder where cells that ordinarily belong in the uterus migrate to other areas of the body, totally uninvited (of course) typically outside but nearby the uterus. However, as endometriosis goes unmanaged or untreated it can spread as far as the nose (hence why some women get nosebleeds at the period time). Each month when we menstruate, our uterine lining easily makes its way through the cervix and vagina and leaves the body, but those same cells that have set up camp outside your uterus want to do the same – the only difference being they don’t have an easy exit route and the result can be severe cramping and pain. Over time this may lead to scarring linked to fertility issues also. Often a laparoscopy is the option provided to remove the endometriosis, which can offer some much needed relief, but sadly it doesn’t go to work on the root of the condition but rather the obvious evidence of the problem to treat the symptoms only”. #endometriosis #yourtea

Here’s some gorgeous (voluntary and unpaid) feedback from @journeyveganhealth ❤️ we actually have a 50% off Liver Cleanse happening right now. 24 hours only, Code is : CLEANSE50 ... ain’t it funny how the universe works! Tap image to shop Liver Cleanse now ❤️❤️❤️ #yourtea #livercleanse

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