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Your Tea  Your Tea creates health blends using Chinese Herbs, based on Traditional Chinese (TCM) Medicine principles. Developed by TCM Doctors #yourtea

Our secret weapon for women? Fertility Tea. We've even made a private account to keep the TCM secrets behind closed (and well informed) doors @fertilitytea

It's everywhere, you just need to realise.

Or, get your energy back with a simple gut restoration. Gut health = energy. Tap to shop TinyTea Chinese Herbs. $55 for 84 teabags of herbs for endless energy sans voodoo dolls. #yourtea

Where's your favourite place to enjoy a cup? pic via @mrfashionist_com

Tea time, every time. Your Tea blends have been developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors to nourish and heal the body, from the inside out.

Smoothies? Don't be fooled into thinking they're as good for you as they look. Every body is different and while some of us may thrive consuming cold food and drink, most of us don't. The stomach is a warm environment, throwing an ice cold smoothie into the mix isn't always a good idea. pic via @psimella

Health is more than just what you eat and how you move your body. It's your mindset too. Did you know that in TCM certain body parts are linked to emotions? It's believed that certain emotions are the cause and effect of improper function of said body parts. image via @allofarchitecture

So said the wise man.

Holidays are more than sun, sand, and good times. They allow time to reset and regenerate the soul. pic via #pinterest

When was the last time you took time out for yourself? 📸 @vogueliving

Beauty @elise.frenchplume 😍 Skin Magic Tea works on the gut, as Dr Nat TCM explains, "If we can’t use the fuel from food, then our bodies miss out on a important nutrients, which means that we may experience more acne flare ups simply because the body is missing elements that are vital to nourish skin."

Let go of it all this weekend.

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