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been wanting to find a mirrored studio to practice with for a while now & finally found one close by ☺️

#hooptutorial for this coin flip body wrap move that’s definitely my favorite trick and 100% the one i’m asked about most!

thought i’d share why i haven’t been able to post many videos lately.. scrubs and THIS GIRL 🙈😍🐾
feels so so good to make time for hooping though! #stopdropandspin for @michemoonflower , @lovelyycarley , @harmonica_hoops , @orbitprincess , @savagejewels , @spacedolphin , @catladyspins , @frida_flows , @emmalemmagemma , @beezy_spins , & @hazelhoops
sending it to @lucyvanb , @moo.n_fluxxzn , & @tinyhooper


lol i actually haven’t been feeling good about my hooping at all lately but whatever.. just keep swimming!!
thanks to all of you that give me positive feedback, you make me feel good even on my worst days 💕
#stopdropandspin for @rawrrrkitty , @aya.ziazan , @amber_flowz , @rae_of_sunnshine_ , @polybeargoddess , @spinningwithcircles , @giuliagoohlia , @twirllouise , @sunhoops , and @hoopflowinfairy -
sending it to @tinyhooper (i’ve watched your last post a million times 🔥🔥🔥) , @lucyvanb 😘, @mrshoopah , @dizzyylizzzy , @myhoopandi , and @allieflows (lol i think i’ve tagged you in the most posts bc ALL I WANT IS TO SEE YOU HOOP!!!!! 😍🙌🏼)
p.s. @dye_grl this is still one of my favorite shirts you’re amazing ♡♡♡ thank you 🙏🏼
#hoopdance #hulahoop #hooplah #hoopersofinstagram #icchoopers #sandiegohoopers #feelinggood #michaelbuble @michaelbuble


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