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Jewlie Sparxx  Email: BuyJewlieDirect@gmail for custom vid or used items inquiries. No DM. Check out my PH 👇🏼

Booty. Waiting for my sheets to dry. New #fartfetish vid on Ph! Check the link in my bio ❤️•


Sun will be up soon! 🖤 happy Thursday, now. and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll see my PH!! The link is in the bio ❤️•
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I was up too late last night, and up too early this mornin, y’all. It’s been a rough day 😆 •
NEW VIDEO AVAILABLE THROUGH EMAIL ❤️ Making some lollipops and some really stinky toots! EMAIL ME for more info ❤️• •

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Hey Made it back inside!! Check out my new PH vids, and ask about my newest vid, if you have a #fartfetish 😍

Up past my bedtime, looking at the stars. Also enjoying a reasonable sized blunt. SpikedLemonade flavor from white owl. Anyway, I have this REALLY GOOD video I just made for someone who purchased a couple of pops. Anyway, it’s a video of me making the pops. I’m so proud of it!! The best video I’ve made in a while. It does have lots of buttplay and some farting. I feel like it’s just TOO GOOD to put on pornhub, and wanted to offer it to my Instagram friends. You can buy pops and the video together for one price. $$ much less than what it cost the guy who ordered it. You can also get the vid by itself. Let me know! My email is in the bio, im bad at DMs. My PH link is also in the bio, and I have 3 newish vids there! (As well as about 80 others 😎) love y’all! Happy Wednesday! ... oh shit! It’s Thursday already 😂•

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Need new music, please! What’s your most favorite song ever? 👇🏼•


3 new vids at the link in my bio! Off for a nap! #happysunday

I uploaded another new video on PH. 2 new vids?!? YES! Link in my bio! ❤️

NEW VIDEO UP!! Link in biooo 😍•
Don’t forget I have used garments and custom videos available ❤️•

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New vid. Link in bio ❤️

🎶 Mystery, is what this is to me
I'm givin' up, I am having no luck
Like a ghost, the one that I love most
She disappears, when I get near
You're the only one, you're the only one
I am so wrapped up in a daze
Hopin' this is just a phase
But when all is said and done
I know you are still the one
You're the only one 🎶 •

LINK IN BIO, if you’re nasty 😈• !!18+N!S!F!W!!•

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