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⚠️Richizm💨💨  | Artist | Family man | stay💯⚠️ Graff-gital✏️ Zebastian Otto's daddy Indeed I cant hear you at all

@odrusone came all the way to America from Brazil 🇧🇷. Big props to my brother for showing his #deaftalents and graffiti skills (color schemes killer), it was a quite rich experience especially we had great communication access! Communication is the 🔑 ... I had an opportunity to take pic of my Z and a true legend Brazilian graffiti artist @odrusone together . Looking forward for the more of deaf artists out to doing more graffiti/murals.
#deafgraffiti #deaftalent #deafinitelydope #odrusone #zebastianotto #brazil #florida #graffitiuworldtour #graffiticulture

I am impressed with @evolvepaint with the color schemes. We all deaf writers and yes we made this happen instead continue dreaming! Hope you all can enjoy these artworks! #washingtondc #dmv #orlandograffiti #dcgraffiti #dcist #graffiti #deafgraffiti

One of baller 👋👋👋 mural we painted at @toontownjax in Jax. On the left side @odrusone sure killed it! @dkhdraws did the portraits 👏Hell yea it was #DEAFINITELYDOPE !!! #deafcanwrite #evolvepaint #graffiti

#Repost @deafinitelydope ・・・
“I can’t keep worrying about the things in my life I can’t change...” like being deaf... But, when you’re around positive, uplifting people with allies everywhere impacting the community such as @starkeycares @b3academy and @greatbigstory then the best thing to do is keep pushing and pay it forward 💯 #DEAFinitelyDope

Playin with new brushes from @mr.bakeroner.. yeah they re baller! 👋👋👋👋

not too bad for less 15 mins as you can see they re messing.. procreate app is killin it. I am doing this before paint a friend of mines.

Deafinitely dope for 🎃 inktober 2k18 yo! Check and follow @deafinitelydope if ya like to learn ASL in HIP-HOP 🎃 #deafinitelydope #inktober2018

Whats up yall?!? Have a baller friday!

if your wanna see the full details, check out my another page. I did this to just sharp up my skills.. if u like to 🐽 my project, help yourself 👨‍🎨

its all about #inktober2018 ... free for you to see!!!! 🤷‍♂️ free!!!!!

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