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Hands down the best way to experience a James Turrell installation is by seeing a few iPhone photos some idiot posted on Instagram. You’re welcome.

8 year olds should make all the signs

Thanks to everybody who came out last night to watch me expose @tomreynolds for the poor tipper he is. (đź“·: @hotdogburger)

Hey NYC, there are a couple tickets still up for grabs at More importantly, if you’re coming to the show tonight, email us with a problem that you want us to solve. You’ll get a fun prize, some solid advice and the respect and admiration of all in attendance! thecompleteguidetoeverything at gmail

Valentines Day stuff with my lovely wife. (Heart emoji)

Another honeymoon gem

Honeymoon’s going great so far!

This wild thing had his first birthday party today and his dummy uncle had the best time. đź“·: @jharzz

I know this wasn’t a great year on a macro level, but it was a cool and special year for me.
The breakdown of pics is pretty on brand:
When my wife told me she would in fact agree to deal with my nonsense forever, 2 pics from the day we made that official, 2 pics from when I stumbled onto Sesame Street (the same number of photos as from my wedding, for those keeping score), something rude I wrote to a politician, hangin’ with my mom on a boat, hangin’ with a statue of the world’s most disheveled detective and evidence that I’m a jerk at work.

For the remainder of the day, please address me as “contest winner.”

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