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Savannah Morgan  my feet on the ground, & my heart in heaven

“I will build my house
Whether storm or drought
On the rock that does not move
I will set my hope
In your love, O Lord
And your faithfulness will prove
You are steadfast, steadfast”
p.s. photo is courtesy of one of the students i went on this trip with because all the pictures i took are 😬

the trees melt
golden amber &
a sweet sadness falls
with the cinnamon sun.
i wrap myself up
in autumn’s blanket
& drink crunched up leaves
as my medicine.

hey y’all remember that time i walked across a stage in a cap & gown only to find 2 weeks later an email titled “we jumped the gun” (nice, appalachian) that said i was 2 hours short of graduating? yeah, me too. well, as of this past summer i am an official graduate. it only took a few years but those 2 hours are done so here’s a pic of me with a giant strawberry lemonade.
college was a difficult season in a lot of ways, but it’s also where my heart woke up to the Gospel. i wrote a bit about it in my blog, link in bio.

this one time @cammmclark & i tried to be cool insta gals & get a cool pic of our ice creams but we had already ate too much of them (bc priorities) & i actually can’t take pics so here this is, a sweet memory of our many walks & talks that make me miss you cammy & miss @clumpies

to be real, i want the harvest but i don’t want the work that must go in before. i want to be more like jesus but when i see how intricately intertwined suffering & holiness are i rethink things. •••
i want to be changed but i don’t always want the change. i want new life without death but they are not mutually exclusive. •••
jesus said if we want life we must die. if we want to live in the new life that christ has given us through his life, death, & resurrection then we must be willing to put to death the things of our flesh. we must be willing to call sin what it is and repent. •••
i’ve been praying for humility & right after i pray i always want to give a list of conditions—you can do to bring about humility in my life but whatever you do please don’t do this. & even in this i must learn the way of humility, learn the way of submitting to whatever means the father uses to sanctify me. more & more i see that if i actually want to be more like christ i have to be open to the work. i have to entrust myself to the one who will not only do this sanctifying work in me but who also walks with me in it & does not leave me. it is actually in this death that i find him sweeter & experience deeper nearness. & i know that this marriage of suffering & glory are best seen in his very life, for he has gone before us & walks with us still.

we are all trying to curate a good life. we may think if we get the right body, right look, right relationship, we will finally have a good life. i know that i am so entrenched in the world’s prescription for a good life when psalm 34:12-14 sounds too simplistic to me. david asks who wants a good life & his answer to those people is to “keep your tongue from evil and turn your lips from speaking deceit. turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”
my doubting flesh says surely you also need good looks and a variety of experience and lots of friends for a good life. but the Lord lays out a path that does not include these things.
do you really believe that the commandments of the Lord are for your good? that seeking peace and doing good leads to a full life? that life is found in the way of the Lord?
the way of the Lord is the way of life. may i turn my eyes and heart from worthless things and find life in your ways, oh Lord. (more thoughts on blog. link in bio.)

“When he was reviled, he did not revoke in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly.” 1 Peter 2: 23 ••• The truth is I do not want to look at my sufferings and entrust them to God. I want to hold onto them with bitter hands and cry angry tears as I sit in self-pity and outrage. I do not want to sit with uncomfortable thought that it is in faithfulness I am afflicted, that even in suffering God is a just judge, that I am called to give up this reviling and take up the cross, following behind the way of the Shepherd and Overseer of my soul. This submission is a sacrifice I don’t want to give and yet I believe it leads to fuller life. ••• Full post on blog—link in my bio!

“persistently, i neglect to love god with my whole heart, yet his eyes remain glued to the sparrows. he’s right here, out on a limb with us, when he could’ve just watched us from the sky.” shannon martin

wrote about the importance of cross generational friendships over at @verityvaree & here’s a pic of one of my favorite cross generational pals that I miss 💛

happiest pal

today is the day! i leave for germany this evening & am drinking all the coffee & eating all the chick-fil-a before i do. as i leave i remember what my mom says when she grows sad that family & loved ones are far: “we will have eternity together.” thankful for a mom that has eternity written deep upon her heart. now i’m off to be a mariah carey diva of a traveler & demand cookies instead of peanuts. 🕺🏻

in packing for this move abroad i told myself i was only going to bring one book. but, one thing led to another, & i’m finding myself with several books i can’t just not bring (i’m very good i justifying these things). i feel like rory before her trip to europe. except rory cut herself off at 9 books & i’m trying to talk myself down to 13. #sos
p.s. what book(s) could you not spend a year without? try not to be too convincing though, i have a weight limit for my luggage. 😉

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