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Savannah Morgan  my feet on the ground, & my heart in heaven

so so proud of this girl & thankful for her consistent friendship *dab*

☀️ ☀️ ☀️

bath + rain + cup of tea = 5 minutes of enjoyment before I’m bored out of my mind and want to get out. 🙈🙈🙈

oh sweet tay. I could spend days upon days talking & laughing with you. thanks for always being willing to listen & engage & laugh & be curious with me. you think deeply, care deeply, & love so deeply. I hope St. Louis is full of lots of good wine & cheese, nights watching steel magnolias, & beauty. See ya on the trail 😉

thankful I got to do life with these gems the past 7 months. #ovariezbeforebrovariezforever

to carrie freakin’ fay: my kindred spirit, my bosom buddy, the one i always want to watch prison break with, order app cookie co with, go on long drives with, spill hot chocolate into hot tubs with, listen to the oh hellos with—so thankful for the gift of watching you marry your gilbert. grateful i got to watch y’all’s friendship grow into the relationship it is today. to carrie & caleb, y’all are my favorite couple to third wheel with. i love you both mucho mucho. ❤️

to tara drew: my ashley, my tamara, my cole. my fellow womb dweller. my keeper of all secrets & fears, my partner in tree climbing & rescuer (in roller skates) when falling out of trees. to aussie: from working zip lines together to exploring montana mountains, you’ve always been my inside scoop in all things big brother & you’ve felt like a brother from the first. I’ve seen both of you grow separately & together and like redwoods your roots have intertwined & you’ve made one another stronger. in other words: YALL ARE FREAKIN ENGAGED AND IM FLIPPIN OUT

today I’m drinking: the most delicious cuppa cinnamon spice. I first sipped this liquid magic snuggled around a table made for five that we made fit twelve. immediately after I tasted it I passed the mug around, inviting this table of Irish, British, American, Zimbabwean tastebuds to taste its glory. this past year I’ve learned almost all things—sorrows, victories, stories, jokes, good news, confessions & cups of tea are better when shared with others.

“If one is strong, one loves the more strongly.” Tara Drew, I’m continually in awe of your strength and perpetually floored by the fierce love it brings. Love you, always.

what a crew

a lot of pug accounts are following me and I don’t know what to do about it #amibeingpunked #oramibeingpugged

“Remembering is both beautiful & Biblical.” // wrote about the importance of remembering on the blog today. Put a great resource from @sarahscottpape for reflecting on the past year in there as well. // link in bio.

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