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Savannah Morgan  my feet on the ground, & my heart in heaven


“If one is strong, one loves the more strongly.” Tara Drew, I’m continually in awe of your strength and perpetually floored by the fierce love it brings. Love you, always.

what a crew

a lot of pug accounts are following me and I don’t know what to do about it #amibeingpunked #oramibeingpugged

“Remembering is both beautiful & Biblical.” // wrote about the importance of remembering on the blog today. Put a great resource from @sarahscottpape for reflecting on the past year in there as well. // link in bio.

He came near to us, bloody and wailing, his glory prevailing in the humblest way. He came near to us, entered into the disappointment and body odor, came closer & closer & closer. He is near to us, ever near, knowing our frame—our beauty & our failure. He is near, he is near.

In the words of my good friend Justin, “if you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find just know that I’m always parallel on the other side” #hags

You came, not as anyone thought you would. Quietly you entered, flesh & bones, into the world you created. Your cry heard only by your parents, exhausted from travel and labor. You who said one word and created rivers & bluebirds & humanity and yet you came not able to utter a word. You came not in a chariot but carried by a woman of no fame, only shame. You came not with the sword or scepter in hand but your little hand wrapped around your mother’s finger. Who would’ve guessed it? You were not what you seemed. Your birth announcement sent out to smelly, blue collard laborers. Your life began among creatures you created, & those you created held you, comforted you, fed you, treated skinned knees, wiped your runny nose, taught the Word how to say words. What child is this? Could this be the one we’ve been waiting for?

the last time I took this walk I still had London in my lungs & the constant whisper of “what’s next?” in my ear. I knew, still, that the One who brought me out of the pit, who carried me through Midwest blizzards, Central American waters, Appalachian mountains, heartache, confusion, & shame would carry me still to the path prepared for me. the last time I took this walk I had no clue what this beautiful, Gospel-driven ministry in the heart of a college campus called The House was. I’m unbelievably thankful & continually astounded at where he has led me, at the doors open to me, & the ones closed for my good. ///. “I love this world, even in its hard places.” Mary Oliver. ///

The little borough of London called Harrow keeps coming to my mind the past few days. Memories of the months I spent missing tube stops because I was so deep in conversation with @london_raichel (classic Americans), eating curry in strangers homes, playing games with some of the most genuine and fun people I know, and learning so much from those who have heard the command and obeyed, dedicating their life and time to the furthering of the Kingdom. This picture was taken not in Harrow, but in a really, really old pub in the English countryside. It came complete with Narnia-like decor and a cat. It also wasn’t taken by me because I took a grand total of two photos while in England. Thanks @london_raichel for being the one who takes pictures so I can show my mom, the second half of @becomingbrits & the one who continually reminded me that I can’t go around saying “I like your pants” to people in the UK.

blonde takeover minus @allison_cabaniss

the gang is back


what gems

I'm just going to leaf this here

since 1994 🤙🏼

come help out at a lock in, they said. it'll be fun, they said.

to all the people who judged us as we took this outside of target with Starbucks cups in our hands: it's ok, we were judging ourselves too // I love this beautiful pal of mine almost as much as I love watching all of the anne of green gables with you in one sitting and quoting the office.

I remember coming to snowbird as a middle schooler and wanting to know jesus like my counselors did. I remember coming back in college as a counselor, having just traded my hesitations and critiques for jesus and being hungry for depth but not knowing where to begin. I remember coming back the summer after I graduated and praising the lord for the ways he had shown himself to me---the ways he had walked with me through my doubting, depression, and darkness, the ways he had given me so much goodness, life, and redemption---and anticipating what the years to come would look like in my walk with jesus. The past three weeks I've gotten to be back, spend time with some of my favorite people, and remember the faithfulness and goodness of the lord to me in my life, and specifically during my times at this little town in the mountains of North Carolina. all in all, I can say with confidence that knowing jesus is better than anything this world has to offer.

let's make this waffle house a waffle home.

my little posse of hikers turned trail runners #themoreilookatthewordpossetheweirderitlooks

I love this beautiful little breadstick // thanks for being the one who gets every early 2000's Christian pop culture reference. to all the times we've showed up places wearing the same outfit. I love ya, my fellow womb dweller.

shot of me, waiting for bruno mars to walk down the aisle toward me #stillwaiting

love this one more than I love puns and the song despacito. thankful I get to talk in accents with you, sing in the car with you, and love the Lord alongside ya.

all we do is twin twin twin no matter what #sistersister #marykateandashley #tiaandtamara #dylanandcole #grahamandcarson

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