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Your Local Feminists  Carly⚓️ Via🐝 Larelle🙃 Syd🌵 Elliot 👽

this so cute. also I’m going to try to post more often. -larelle🙃

Credit: @feminaked -Syd

Credit: @localdemocrazy -Syd

Hey so I'm getting cyber bullied and need to take a break from social media to have some self help. I love this account so much and hope to be back but for now I'll be gone. Bye ~Elliot

I'm dead 😂😂 Credit: @acceptiles

I know you cant help being suicidal and aren't gping to reallt be thinking about this but if your suicidal please call a hotline or tell someone you trust. You are worth it.
Sorry I'm late posting again (credit @trendyqueers)

Intersectional feminism is so important!!!! The word woman included: women of color, trans women, gay women, LGBT women in general, as well as disabled women!!!!!!

I'm sorry I forgot to post yesterday -Syd

This kid from my school doesn't understand how that sentence was racist. If you think that it is comment why or why not. I am not giving their Instagram to anyone sorry #equalrights #yesallwomen #malefeminist #blacklivesmatter #poc

Good luck to everyone that is/has starting/ started school! ~Via 🐝

I know almost everyone in this is white but at least we've got some strong female characters. Also- since I'm using a Hamilton character I'll go on the record to say that Lin's use of the N word was unacceptable, regardless of whether he was quoting Daveed. Please don't fight me on this, the N word is wrong and that should be accepted. -Larelle 🙃

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