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As promised on Record Store Day, join us on July 5, at 5:30pm (ET) for a very special announcement via Facebook Live!

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As we’re getting ready to celebrate Quebec’s National Day, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste, we thought of sharing with you some of our favorite songs by Quebec artists! An explanation for every song added to our Spotify playlist today is below (it’s a little long, but it’s worth reading - and listening to, of course!). #YourFavoriteEnemies #spotify #playlist #saintjeanbaptiste #bonnesaintjean #memomandmorgentaler #patrickwatson #lescolocs #karkwa #melissaaufdermaur #montrealmusic

Music is gathering us from all around the world, making us feel alive, putting words and melodies on what we can’t express by ourselves sometimes, talking to our hearts. This Music Day is an occasion to celebrate what it creates in our lives everyday!

Enjoy our music today as we have a 6-song free EP for you to discover & share all around! 👉 link in bio

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Shout out to D'Addario for the free picks! They're already being used for some more sounds & noises in the studio!
#daddariocanada #canada150 @daddarioandco @daddariocanada

This is what happens when you lose a bet against Jeff... #YourFavoriteEnemies #clevelandcavaliers #nbafinals #clown #creepyclown #ilostabet

"Music has always been the essence of everything to me, the gateway to my soul and spirit. It’s been a kiss on my forehead in tough times, a scream of rage when I was overwhelmed and worn out, a shelter when I felt alone and desperate, a scream for love in other times. It’s the universal language we speak when words are not enough, a way to commune together, to feel alive, to reach and feel the inner depth of our hearts without the need to decipher all of its complexity." - Ben

Today is the international day against cyber bullying, a reality that is more and more present, and that some of you may be victims of. In a desire to stand against such thing, but also to send out our support to those who suffer from it, Ben created a playlist of a few songs that have always been a huge support for him. When words are lacking, there's always music. May those songs be a balm on your heart the same way it has been for Ben!

“Fashion is how you feel about yourself, not how you are dictated to look like. That’s the spirit by which I handcraft every single item of the “Daylight Summer Breeze” collection. It’s the celebration of every woman’s unicity and self-determination that defines true confidence.” - Miss Isabel

Discover the collection: http://yfestore.com/

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It has begun! ;) As a consequence of the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals, Sef will have to spend 5 days dressed as a clown wherever he goes! Pictures (and maybe videos?!) will be uploaded at the end of the challenge, but make sure to check out right here for all the behind the scenes! ;) #YourFavoriteEnemies #YFE #nbafinals #goldenstatewarriors #warriorsground #clevelandcavaliers #defendtheland #costume #clown

Jeff is right now at the @finnertysnyc watching the match! Golden State Warriors lead the series 3-0, and Jeff says he can already smell the clown costume from NYC... 🏀🤡 #YourFavoriteEnemies #nbafinals #goldenstatewarriors #warriorsground #finnertys #nyc

Music has the power to bring people together. This is why Jeff and Sef have decided to choose a few “stadium songs" each and add them to our Spotify playlist. Can you guess who chose what? http://j.mp/StudioInspirationSpotify

PS: In case you missed it, there's also a competition between Jeff (Golden State Warriors) and Sef (Cleveland Cavaliers). This NBA Finals is a heated one, and the loser will have to spend a few days dressed as a clown! Warriors are leading 3-0. And there's another match tonight! Stay tuned!

#YourFavoriteEnemies #nbafinals #defendtheland #warriorsground #clevelandcavaliers #goldenstatewarriors

Sef says he's got full confidence in his team. Let's hope they play better than he does!
#YourFavoriteEnemies #NBAFinals #defendtheland #warriorsground

Happy birthday, Moose!
It’s always a great joy to celebrate you, brother! Your strength, your passion, and your faithfulness are qualities that inspire all of us every day. We can’t wait to live the next steps of this musical & life journey with you. May they be made of new rhythms, knowing that it’s not about how fast it goes but how real it is!

#YourFavoriteEnemies #happybirthday #birthdayboy #drummer #drums #Mapex #Sabian

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