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Dani Nicole✨  Full fledged fuckery 💅🏻💋👑 Dylan Jesse🎣🐳💙💚

Reading time with @verna_jojo thankful for you mama 💕

Look at this fucking dime piece @haaz.mean ❤️☠️🥀🖤 Jazmin is my most favorite ever.

“And don't count on me 'cause I am drowning,
Please don't drown with me.
Just hold me in your heart,
Let the ocean take me.”

Two years ago today I found out I was having a boy and oh man I was so upset that I hit Brenden with a cardboard box (it’s on video so I can freely admit it) but now two years later I’m so happy he’s a boy because girls are drama... like his mama. Lol Dylan Jesse, Dj, Bubba, baby boy I’m just glad you’re here and you’re mine 💙💚

Last year on Mother’s Day, I cried thanking Brenden for making me a mother. But I’ve learned over this last year that it wasn’t him I should be thanking. It’s my son, Dylan Jesse. Being his mom is the best and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. He is so sweet and loving and really knows how to brighten up anyone’s day. He has my whole heart in his little hands, and I’m sad that one day they won’t be so little anymore. But I’m happy that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because of you Dylan. Because you are my favorite everything 💕

Love my boy 🖤

My friends are cooler than yours 💕🖤

My favorite everything💕

Take me to the darkness
Hang me out to dry
Tangled in your legs
In the webs of your lies
Lead me to the rapture
Set my body free
Higher than the flames
Set blaze inside of me 💕

New friends are fucking g8. ☺️🤙🏻 @perfectyourmind

Crappy Snapchat quality but idc.

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