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Simple #vegan bean burritos for brunch with spinach, jalapeños, and hot sauce. Got a big mug of hot coffee too, it’s so freaking cold here. I recently discovered these partially cooked tortillas from @cabochips and I’m hooked! I do wish that the coconut oil wasn’t as pronounced but other than that these are one my new favorites because they just taste so damn good 😛 #notanad

I’m one of those people who never, ever skips breakfast. Hands down, my favorite #vegan breakfast lately is a bowl of creamy polenta topped with kale, beans and something pickled or fermented such as jalapeños or raw sauerkraut. If I’m extra hungry I’ll add a bit of iron skillet tofu. A drizzle of tahini and it’s breakfast perfected. Unfortunately, I ran out of polenta yesterday so I had to improvise today’s breakfast. ..
Have you ever had savory oatmeal? I’ve put iron skillet tofu in oats before but nothing else savory...until today. Since oats were all I had, I went for it. I started with extra thick cut oatmeal and then added some black beans, kale from last nights dinner that has a lemon tahini dressing on it, and pomegranate arils. ..
It wasn’t terrible. I don’t know that I would intentionally make it again but I’m glad I got to experiment and look how pretty it is in the bowl 😍
So, have you made savory oats? Tell me about it because I can’t see this being a regular thing for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ..

Jahnni (the kitty on the bottom) is approximately 22 years old. I say approximately because she was a stray that I rescued in 2001 and at that time the vets guessed her to be around 6 years old. Jahnni is currently in renal failure and can no longer jump on furniture or go up stairs without great effort. Even still, she’s full of love and cuddles. To help ease her joint pain and help keep her from limping too much I keep a heating pad out on low for her to lay on. Leo 🦁 - a senior too - has discovered the joy that a heating pad can bring and tries to get as close to it as he can. I just caught him doing this cute thing 😍
I wish I could say that Leo and Jahnni get along well because Leo could use a friend here and so could Jahnni, but they don’t care for each other much which makes this pic extra cute. .
Unrelated, I broke my toe yesterday.
It’s so cold here today, I converted the garage into a temporary housing for any animals that need it. There’s food, water, and lots of warm places to nuzzle in. There are two stray cats that have been visiting the sanctuary this week regularly, I hope they stay close and take shelter. It’s only getting colder. .
If you see an animal out in the cold that needs help, please please offer whatever help you can. .
Stay warm friends 💕

Celebrating 13 years living #vegan today! It’s by far one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m never looking back ☺️ #veganforlife #veganfortheanimals

It might be officially January 1st but I’m still in Christmas mode. Snuggled in for one last day of family time in some fuzzy llama socks, cat pj’s, and a book I was gifted that I can’t wait to read by @cja_from_dallas 🙂 Sending love and happy wishes for a bright new year to all my #vegan friends 😘💕

Y’all. I’m a terrible #vegan. I didn’t take a single pic of Christmas dinner 😫 Not all is lost I suppose, I did snap a pic of the very first double crust old-fashioned apple pie 😛 Not a bad first attempt! 😭🎄🎉

Christmas cookies for days! Decorated with India Tree Nature’s Color all-natural line of colors 😍🎄🌟

It seems like forever since I posted, doesn’t it? I know, sorry! Things are chaotic here at the #sanctuary - Miss Maple Toast here in this #latergram is pretty sick. She’s had a few vet visits in the last 7 days and was at the emergency vet last night at 9pm to get X-rays - I’m not sure what the problem is yet but after another not so great day today this sweet baby goes back tomorrow for more tests. We both wouldn’t mind some good juju sent her way, she’s not eating and I’m worried/anxious/sick to my stomach and just really want her back to her little angry self. I’m stress eating Dandies y’all 😔

It’s been busy here at the sanctuary the past few weeks. As most of you know, Leo has been sick ever since I found him. He saw a new vet this week and he’s going to try a new medication be to see if that helps 🤞 Maple Toast Banks has also had a vet visit as has little Joee. Every one is home now and I’m reloading my energy with this #vegan kale-spinach salad with tahini-Lemon dressing. Want to know how to make it? Check today’s insta story ☺️

🌟 #FeelGoodMonday 🌟Just a former street cat living the good life at #sanctuary 🦁💕 #foururbanpaws

Crispy 🥔👏🏼👍🏼

I haven’t decorated for holidays since my mom passed away. It was just too hard to pull out the decorations and see the ones that are from my childhood but this year I decided it was time to put some up. I started small so I put up the stockings here at the sanctuary. There’s one for each cat and dog, one for me and my wife, plus one for my dad and one for my mother-in-law who will be visiting this Christmas. .
I love seeing all the little stockings all lined up- especially the ones for the rescues. It’s a lovely reminder of the good that has happened this year like Leo getting healthier and more integrated into the sanctuary. He’s not 100% yet , but he’s getting there and I’m grateful. I’m grateful for each of the rescues and the beautiful chaos that they bring to this life 💕

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