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FYT Co The Real Lamont  If I Don't Fuck With You, I Don't Mind You Knowing That I Don't Fuck With You.

@quick_smith9 ComingSoon. We Got A Gangsta Behind The Lens

@deelowdiamondman X @quick_smith9 FYT x Tangalang Dropping 10/18 📽 by @yoshikoway


@deelowdiamondman ‘Relationships’ Video Out Now on YouTube. Link in His Bio, Run Them Numbers Up. #TangalangGang

@1anakin - I Used To Trap prod. by @zaytovenbeatz 8/11/18 #Hustle24 pt. 2 Coming Soon #UptownSounds

Quick Smith -Devil On Me out Now on all streaming services. #NotForNothing on the way. #FYTCo #LTL #VersatilePromotions #NolaRap #coasttocoast #nola #atlanta #houston #newyork #losangeles

Quick Smith ‘Devil On Me’ Single Available Everywhere Right Now.

Quick Smith ‘Devil On Me’ Available Everywhere. ‘Not For Nothing Coming Soon. S/o @trapsntrunks

Quick Smith ‘Devil On Me’ Out Now Check Out @dirtyglovebastard

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