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Christopher Ward  I'm probably cutting meat, cooking meat, eating meat, listening to metal, or all of the above.

Full belly pork spare ribs. Because why not. Pork is epic. #bbq #veganismissatanism #nimanranch #merica

Bacon, cured and smoked by the older bro and I. Belly from a local pig. Wish I had been able to slice it with a familiar knife tho, yikes. #bacon #eatlocal #veganismissatanism

Carefully note the description under the upside down cross. Even Black Sabbath back in the day didn't intend it as blasphemy. They were given Saint Peters cross necklaces by a member of the church for good luck- waaaay before people started incorrectly thinking it was blasphemy. Saint Peter was crucified upside down. It's history. #youprobablydontcareandthatsok

This was a mind blowing Denver steak. Seared on cast iron with duck fat because you only live once. The crust was so good that it sounded hollow when I tapped it with my fork. #denversteak #butchery

Happy sibling day to some of my favorite people in the whole world! It's been a few years and countless bad haircuts since these photos, but we never killed each other! Big shoutout to my non-blood siblings too- including but not limited to @j.irvine.96 @aravis.elaine and their spouses. Y'all are stuck with me, haha!
Some of you know, but some of you don't- I'm big on family, blood or not. Even if I haven't seen you in a while *cough* @zacharylamar7 @wise_travis @aug.e *cough*
Y'all are cool. Can't forget little brother from another mother @sam_ingraham either

This is the first grass fed steak I've ever had... a ribeye. I gotta say, it was surprisingly good. Given my past experiences with grass fed beef, I was skeptical in regards to the flavor. My thoughts: it probably helps that the commercially available grass fed beef didn't live on mostly star thistle and milk weed. #butchery #grassfedbeef #whydoesntthistastebad

Mood (Yes that is a yogurt cup)

Full rib heritage breed pork chop. I cut chops this way a couple of months ago, and my customers loved them. They're a favorite now. #heritagepork #butchery

@thejohnirvine I think my sharpening stone should team up with you, haha! #art

The beginnings of some no-good fancy pants white boy chow mein.

This may not look like much to you. What is it? It's the reason why I still like instagram. The 7 packages in the picture are whole #picanha that I cut for a customer. If it wasn't for IG and particularly @alderglopes and his posts, I would have never known about this awesome cut. It's actually outselling the California version of tritip at the store now. Anyway, stay classy instagram.

Well, if anyone was wondering what my case looks like, this is the beef side. #craftbutchery #beef

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