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¥OUNG $YRUP 🔱 GuitarGANGdU💔  ☠️ ᗷOOKing : 🔴🔵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥ᖘꋪꀤꈤꉓꍟ ꂦꎇ ꈤꍟꅏ ꌩꂦꋪꀘ🥂WANT ME BACK OUT NOW!!!!! ON @fckthemcom Link iN BiO directed by 🐐 @louieknows

When you grow up loving Robin then turn to hard work then meet your inspiration and he says your the man. Dreams come true kidz. @robinsjean I love you thank you. #RealRockstars #GuitarGANG

That one time I had a slumber party and sis got mad cause I didn’t tell Mom 😟😒😔

If I wasn’t so poppin
Would she be wet like some seaweed
Niggas act up
We drop’em

They get packed up
Like stockage

ego is Brolic
people are solid
Why are you
so obnoxious
Always loud
Out of pocket
Please don’t act up
in public
I do dealings
with thugz N

Gangstas not known for problems
Taxem like our forefathers
Strapped up like ima rob ya
I don’t finesse no dollars
I made it
from the collar don’t
finesse no product
I live it
Ima Scholar

Prince of New York ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @robinsjean


NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT🚨🚨🚨I love you @louieknows x @yak.sha x @fckthemcom WANT ME BACK OUT NOW!!!! Yo Louie we dUh baddest thots OUt! For dUh Secret Passageway to the Fountain of Youth hit DUH LINK IN MY BIO

ơཞıɠıŋąɬơཞ ....had them wildin from the ground up....ʄųƈƙ ῳıɬ ɱɛ 💉🎸 so much love I can’t #Addicted

😩🎸😍 I spoke to Cobain last night and we laughed about all the rappers trying to be rockstars I told him don’t worry I got it.

#Barcelona I love you 🇪🇸

They held me up the whole time even when I wanted to get down they inspired me this was love and it felt amazing. Me @william_asher x @trifedrew respected every girl in that vicinity after the show. #Gentleman P.S. Crenshaw to 😊 @brandoncornishh

@fckthemcom I ❤️ U They’re calling me the Prince of #NewYork’s fitting #Ukraine I love you 🇺🇦

🤦🏻‍♂️꒒ꀤ꓄ #Berlin ❤️ #WORLDDOMINATIONTOUR

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