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B R O O K E • VEGAN  ☕️ W a n d e r e r _______1991_______ 📽 Y o u T u b e👇🏼


Went through over 20 years of my life trying to accept my skin☄
When I was younger I HATED being so pale. I begged my mom to let me go to the tanning bed☀️ I started going at 16 and was still baking myself in the sun almost everyday for years. I applied tanning lotion and oil like that shit was life or death😂 The result of that phase was having not only pale skin after the tan shortly faded, but now I have random freckles everywhere and risk for premature wrinkles. SCORE!
I only even did it because people would call me "Casper", "ghost", "vampire", etc and it was cool to be tan. The names really didn't bother me too bad at all, but it did bother me to the point of wanting to fake n' bake myself🔥 Totally regret my jersey shore phase.
But I LOVE my skin now! This is obviously filtered so I appear a little lighter here, but I'm still Snow White, boo🌬☃ haha And I LOVE it!
Love the skin you're in!👻

For full video go to link in my description!👍🏼Go easy on me--its my first video🙈😂 Follow my journey on me becoming the happiest and best me!
If you like weird people, comedy, drone shots (will have more, this was just my intro), holistic living, positivity (lots of that shit) and vegan (plantbased) food, then please subscribe!💕
Thanks guys!😋

How did I get my hair this color?💙 (Skip to end for directions--hair story below)
I get asked this a lot, especially in public😋 I have been having my hair bleached for years now. In the beginning of my blonde switch over from brunette, I went blonde over time (highlighting it slowly over 2 years or so to avoid any major damage.) This is how I obtained super long, heathy blonde hair from very dark brown hair.
After being golden blonde for a while, I began getting it bleached and removing the warmer blonde colors. I will be honest and say that this is where my hair obviously took a hit with some damage; however, my hair was still very healthy for being so light and people would say that all the time to me too.
I decided one day that I didn't want to be bleach blonde anymore and grow out my natural hair because of the damage it created at one point with a bad hairdresser (not my usual one.) Sooo I said, well, I don't want my roots to grow out with white hair cuz I will look like a skunk, so I'll just go blue! I've been grey and lavender, so yah, blue should be cool!
At first I was scared when I did it and tried to get it out because I was so concerned with what other people were going to think (I was being a baby)--and, well.. If you want blue, just know that it does not come out. It will fade, BUT it will not come out (hardest color to remove). And if you try to get it out completely with bleach or some color remover crap (yes, even if it says "damage free color remover"), just get ready to get a color correction haircut (aka a pixie haircut). So if you want blue, make sure you REALLY want it!
By the way, I fucking love it now and I want to seriously be blue forever haha I have never had so many compliments on my hair and its all for finally being okay with being myself 💙
💧I used sky blue and shark blue by Ion, mixed together with a bottle of hydrating conditioner and left it on for one hour (WEAR GLOVES in shower too when washing hair to avoid smurf hands). I add more color in about 2-3 times a month. The lighter your hair is to begin with, the higher the pigmentation. If you go back in my photos, you can see my hair was almost white!😊

#NTFBV 🌲✌🏼
This trip is turning out to be one of the most incredible things I've ever done in my life and it's the one I've spent the least money on.
@brysonwolff and I woke up, dropped everything and just said "let's go". We had no plans as far as what we wanted to do and no destination. We got a sitter for the pups and Kitty bitties, packed our bags for the next morning and walked out the front door.
If I can ever recommend for you to do anything in your entire life, do this! Not drive to North Carolina necessarily, but to just leave your structured routine life behind and walk out the door with no plans. Live in the present. Say "fuck it" and GO LIVE!
What do you have to lose? That job you hate anyways? Take care of your present self and start asking yourself "is this really the life I want to look back on?" This is our world✌🏼️
Editing all YouTube videos this week!🙈

When in doubt, be an edgy fairy💙🌲#RoadTrip

Another food stop! A local Thai restaurant on the side of the mountain😋
This was only $6 with the tofu! When we asked for not butter or eggs in our fried rice she looked at us like we were crazy haha When in doubt, just tell people you're allergic and they definitely won't add it in!😂👍🏼 SUPER GOOD THOUGH!!!😻😻

If it doesn't scare you, it doesn't change you😌 #noshoes #nobra #nopants

THIS IS 100% AMAZING!🍕Second food stop of the road trip and I'm in love! We forgot to ask for tomato sauce but I'm kind of glad we didn't because the flavor is too amazing on its own!
Mellow Mushroom:
Daiya cheese on half
YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! But get the Daiya cheese all over it for sure!!

Take care of your present self and your present self will take care of your future self💙✌🏼️🌙

Seitan salad after the gym this morning!😋
Some sliced baby carrots
1.25 servings of seitan (only 2.5g fat , but 26g protein!!😝)
Greek seasoning and garlic when heating seitan in a non stick pan on medium heat.
Organic spring mix salad
Asian sesame ginger dressing

Here we go☀️

GREAT first day back to college🤓📚 With my whole 1 month break I had between the summer semester and now👌🏻😂 I was THAT student that knew the answer to almost everything in the first lectures and had to stop answering questions because it was getting awkward... lmao But hey, no shame, I'm happy to know that I'm a good student😊 Oh and to make it even better, I was 15 min early to every class to make sure I could get a front and center spot👍🏼 I finally have awesome lab partners this semester too (who actually care about their grades... Thank goodness) and awesome professors; however, the accents are something I definitely have to get use to😁
My boyfriend told me he was super proud of me today for working so hard towards my Physics degree, and he drove me to school and walked me up to every class😻 He's in his final year and a half of Chemical engineering (that's why he tutors my ass😂) so that seriously means the world to me coming from him🙈☀️ It's good to be back! #DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAStemStudent #NerdLife 🤓✌🏼️

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