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We are totally getting into the holiday spirit with these nails by YN mentor @alannah_yn_mentor Tag a friend or client who needs a little holiday spirit. Recreate this look with Royal Red , Silver Glitter and Mission Control Fizz

These nails by YN distributor @nathcohen have us dreaming of a winter wonderland. Tag a friend who needs to dream of winter too. Recreate using Mani Q Grey Denim and Silver Spring

It’s Friday!! With this amazing set by YN mentor @glossboss23 we are ready for whatever the weekend has in store. Tag a friend who needs to be weekend ready 😊 Recreate this look using Mission Control Fizz and Over Drive

We are ready for our holiday party with these nails by YN mentor @beppiebasant_nailartist Tag a friend who needs these nails for the holidays.
Recreate this look using cover pink and core white.

@gmansalo shares a great technique that will help some of you who struggle with sculpting and shaping your designs. He likes to build a thin free edge first. This will do a couple of things. It will set you up with a thin platform so you have a flat canvas to work, and you will be able to form a nail that is in great shape. Notice when he sets the pearl down, he immediately uses the tip of his brush to lightly pull it to the length of desire. He then uses the side of the brush to slide it up, before he uses the body of the brush to walk it up to the corners of the growth channels. He wants to make sure that he doesn’t build a tip thicker then the thickness of the natural nail. This is the routine he uses for many of the enhancements he sculpts. 🖌

Get in the spirit with these nails by YN Mentor @clairehilton_youngnailsmentor Gorgeous and perfect for the season.
Tag a friend who’s being a grinch.
Recreate this look using Go Time Back Seat Driver... Dark Gold and Fortune Glitter.. Rainbow Black, Red and Green colored acrylic.

We need a place to wear these nails by YN Mentor @dawn_yn_mentor immediately!!! I mean come on... they are just so beautiful💙💙💙💙
Tag a friend and tell them you got the blues.
ManiQ Grey Denim and Cobalt Blue
Silver glitter

New YouTube demo video is up... @gmansalo shows us how to do a beautiful glitter fade.

Ombre’s made easy with our new YN Airbrush. Create beauties like these by YN Mentor @sarahsnailsreloaded with a quick spray over your pick of nude acrylic or gel. Join us today at 9:30am PST for a FaceBook live, we will be going over how to use and how to clean your airbrush. Tag a friend that needs this information.

We get inspiration from everything.. this time it was the color pink. Checkout our new series on YouTube “Nail Trends Now” to see the full version.

Santa Baby!!! Perfect Christmas red nails by YN Mentor @beppiebasant_nailartist Red, Glitter and a French is definitely the triple threat. Tag a friend or a client that needs this look. Create this look with ManiQ Red 102 and Royal Red glitter.

Stunning pink baby boomer by YN Mentor @beppiebasant_nailartist ... so simple and soooo pretty. You can easily recreate this look using Concealer Peach gel and our new Airbrush System with Hot Pink paint. Add a little Diamond Dust glitter and you’re all set.
Tag a friend who’s a pink freak.

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