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Kate Saubestre  C'est beaux la vie, pour les grands et les petits. 🍭 parsons '16 > Paris > CA > ?

Painting a lampshade because it seems like a bright idea 💡 & I was experiencing painting withdrawal #wip

Pool time

Letting 8 year olds draw on me again

Little side project to get back into the flow of things.
Back story: ray is the effortlessly sun & fun spirited camp director at the ucsb summer day camp & we all needed an intramural mascot + second tshirt.

Had a dream where whoever and I collective came up with this idea and I wanted to make it into a comic but didn't want to take credit for it. Woke up from this dream and realized it was my dreams idea so I decided to bring it into real time. Also had an image a paper cut out tacos piece, coming to you if I ever find the 5th exacto knife I lost.
In honor of Bastille Day 🇫🇷 + our "presidency"

Camp commissions:
The cutest owl in the world & a confetti chicken with lasers shooting from its eyes.
Traded for 5 goldfish frackers & half a pb&j

Ow ow, very excited to share a special project that I had the chance to be a part of. Allow me to present you "Trying to Explain Myself" a collaborative experience provided by bassist and composer John Koozin (@johnokoozin ). John and I worked to create a cross disciplinary body of work, combining our two passions of art and music to create one canvas for every song. We were able to go back and forth between ideas, inspirations and stories behind the tracks, to transcend an auditory experience with a visual representation. We were challenged with taking a sensory series of moments that builds and descends and turning it into a single frame. We noticed how language cannot always express all that we are saying so we turned it into our own art: an unspoken expression. I was gifted with John’s art, to peak inside his head and own creative process, and allowed an oppurtunity to help harness this unspoken expression and find out the stories that inspired the music. So now we are gifting this to you, in the hopes that we can all find and explain ourselves a little bit better. Link in bio.

I was given a fun little assignment where I got to interpret scenes from the play "She Got Off the Couch" performing July 24 in NYC. I was also given the script to read and I can tell you it's going to be good and you should all fill those house seats, to cry a little and a laugh a little more, since your girl can't make it. ~stay tuned with @twolineschwartz

Watching the hills burn.


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