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// RIP #xxxtentacion : Last night we all learned of the tragic news that rapper @xxxtentacion was shot dead in Florida 🙏🏾 As the hip hop community mourns and reflects on the current state of the game ...Comment your favourite XXX Song / Moment / Album 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾✍🏿

// BUSINESS NEWS📉💷: Sony Music who sold part of its equity in Spotify following the streaming platform’s public listing have announced that its share sale profits will be “distributed among eligible artists”, in a long email detailing its aims. SME are to sell half of its 5.7% stake in Spotify which will deliver an estimated $765Million!!! In what SME said they hope would be “perceived as a good will gesture to its creators”, the labels indie artists and labels will all be paid out according to SME’s revenue throughout the period it held its share in Spotify, with the aim of completing payouts by the end of August. Meanwhile, Warner Music who sold 75% of its shares in Spotify for $400 Million, will only pay out to its creators “if their contracts called for it”.

//LEGAL NEWS⚖️💰: We all know about the infamous Bird Man and lil Wayne fall out which led to an astronomical lawsuit. Bird Man / Cash Money records were accused of holding Wayne hostage in a Contract while blocking the release of Carter 5 and owing unpaid royalties. What unfolded a bitter clash between the two, who once referred to each other as Father and Son, seems to have now come to a amicable close. Wayne has come out victorious after reaching a $10 Million settlement with the other side, which is close to the amount initially sued for, as well as being released from his Cash Money Contract. He is now free to release Carter 5 under Universal. It is also rumored that his collaborative project with Juelz Santana 'I Can't Feel My Face' will be out for release sooner than we.

// BUSINESS NEWS 🗞📈: @disturbingldn Founder @dumioburota today announces a joint venture with @parlophone ! The move is said to allow DL to tap into the marketing and distribution power Parlophone records hold on an international scale! The creative and managerial aspects of the DL roster will remain under the houses’s control while the distributional push across various territories will be predominantly headed by Parlophone! This is a great move for DL ‘s growing roster of phenomenal talent to allow for greater visibility on an international scale as well as to attract global talent!!

// LEGAL NEWS ⚖️📀: Fashion heavyweight Norton Cher, who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z and is a well respected merchandise broker in the music industry and founder of YRN Clothing is preparing to take MIGOS to court! The lawsuit alleges failure by the Migos to honour an exclusive promotional deal for ‘Young Rich Nation’ clothing, the terms required Migos to promote YRN through ‘6 Video shoots a year, 4 photo shoots and at least 6 in-store signings’. The lawsuit of course states that Migos have not honoured these terms and goes further to claim punitive damages for Migos alleged attempts to sabotage Cher’s operations! It is likely that this will settle out of gourd but, we will keep you posted as more details unfold.

//VOTE NOW❗️: Our friends at @myrunwaygroup need our help to get in front of @richardbranson @virgin if you’ve been paying attention you will have noticed all of hard work they have dedicated to elevating the next generation of leaders and creatives!! It’s OUR TURN to support them by hitting the link in their bio and VOTE VOTE VOTE! #theyouthwillbetelevised #myrunway

//BUSINESS NEWS📝🗞: There’s no stopping hove!!! Empire State of mind is truly what describes him best!! @RocNation have announced their expansion in to TV and the move will be headed up by veteran Patrick Reardon who has been prolific in the success of the Weinstein company and the project runway franchise! We can’t wait to see the content that will be housed on the Roc Nation channel!! 👀👀

// BUSINESS NEWS 🗞📈: With all the negative press surrounding Kanye West lately it was only a matter of time before the Kanye West brand would bear the effects of it! There is now a petition putting pressure on @adidas to cut all ties with the College Drop out rapper!! What are your thoughts?? Should adidas drop him out!!?? COMMENT 📝👇🏾

// #MerkyFestival line up is looking HEALTHY!! 🇬🇧 Are you going ???? @stormzyofficial x @theuglygram @msbanks94 @suspect_otb + MORE 👀

// Our good friends at @GUAP announce their upcoming #GUAPparty to mark their 3 year anniversary!! AAAANNND!! They are giving away 50 free tickets ❗️ Head over to @guapmag 🏃🏾‍♀️ to secure the bag!!! #Guap

//BUSINESS NEWS🗞💷⬇️: A French minister has proposed an interesting idea of creating a piracy blacklist. Usefully, this would notify internet service providers, ad agencies and search engines which websites are guilty of copyright infringement. It has not yet been clarified how the piracy black list would work but is has been highlighted that any list would be regularly updated to cope with new sites and proxies.

//BUSINESS NEWS🗞💷⬇️: Spotify plans to test out the idea of increasing prices for subscribers. It is intending to introduce a 10% price increase for new subscribers in Norway in May and will then increase the price for existing customers in July. It has been reported that Norway has been chosen for the experiment because the majority of users there pay for their subscription.

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