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young  Natural history conservation student living in Copenhagen πŸŒΏπŸ΄βœˆοΈπŸ‹

Thank you so much for all the supporting comments on my last post and for reaching out and sharing your stories and your pain with me there and in dms. While I still feel heavy, saying it out loud to professionals, friends and family seems to help and I feel less alone with my thoughts. Who knew giving birth could cause actual trauma (ok, I guess many people know that, but do we ever think it will happen to us?). I understand why I don't see status updates that say "I can't get out of bed" or "when my child cries I want to leave the room or I'll go crazy" or "my baby's fine, why am I not?", because it feels wrong and, let's be honest, it's not very sexy or ~inspiring~. But it's reality, it seems, for many of us. Thankful for my wonderful husband who hugs and comforts me while also rocking the crib when we are two humans crying our eyes out in the middle of the night. I know I'm lucky, I'm just waiting to feel it, too. And if you're out there feeling the same way, know that you are not alone πŸ’™

It's tough when things don't go as you imagine. I didn't think giving birth would be easy, but I never imagined I would still be in pain seven weeks later. My body is having a hard time keeping up with all the new responsibilities and it's taking its toll on my thoughts. Am I doing enough? Doing it well at all? I'm not getting out much (out of bed even), and a part of me can't help but feel powerless and a bit sad I'm not one of those cool mothers walking their baby for hours, baking and having coffee and lunch in cafΓ©s. I didn't have the energy to snap these lovely flowers from my parents' garden until it was too late. Shout out to all the mothers out there who are worn out, physically and mentally, wearing the same clothes every day and who can't remember the last time they showered - dealing with things one minute at a time. I think we'll be okay, I just don't know when πŸ’›

From the Swedish forest grounds onto our table

Happy lunch time, everyone 🐟#enmedsild

It's not like I WANT to be a mommyblogger, but how could I not now I have the perfect model!? Happy 1 month birthday πŸ’™ #bluesteel

It's nice to be able to go outside again πŸ’™

Happy 1 week birthday, Vilhelm ❀

The waiting game

Not sleeping lately is making me go a little crazy. This morning is very pretty, though. Happy weekend to you all β˜€οΈ

Thank you for all the hearts on my previous post. I would invite you all over for a cinnamon roll if I could πŸ’•

I'm the daughter of a refugee from a non western country - in the eyes of the Danish government that now makes me not Danish, despite being born in Denmark and having lived here all 32 years of my life. I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to feel about that, and how everyone else affected is supposed to feel. As if I didn't feel rootless enough already, being the child of two different cultures, the one I've identified with the most has now basically cast me out. I can't help but feel that a lot of doors are closing around the world, that too many of us are turning a blind eye and that it's going to have serious consequences for our options of living in peace in the future. Keeping your door shut doesn't just keep people out, it keeps you locked in. So open that door. If you can't be the light then at least let it (and us!) in - don't let fear take you over ✨

Just sitting at home thinking about days not long ago when I was a bit more mobile πŸ˜…

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