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When Lake's dollhouse is giving you major design inspo. All the A-Frame, midcentury, pink furniture dreams coming true.

We had so much fun terrorizing everyone @theshopup this afternoon! Thanks for the balloons @aliceandames, especially for the second round after the first blew away πŸ™ˆ Despite the craziness of three kids running in three different directions, I loved meeting the faces behind some of my favorite children's clothing lines. It's so fun to buy pieces directly from the people who created them, and so inspiring to see how passionate everyone is in their work. If you're in LA stop by tomorrow from 10-5 @thespringsla, it's such a good lineup! Also where's Poppy in this photo? Definitely running towards the street πŸ™„

Poppy's taking an early nap, Lake is painting outside on the deck, Adam is at school. Dare I poor a cup of coffee and open this beautiful book by @ninafreudenberger? Or is that just asking for someone to need me? #surfshackbook #nowineedtoredesignmywholehouse

You guys, last night was the first time in WEEKS that my kiddos left my side. We're into week four of Alex being out of the country, and after spring break, multiple plane rides, road trips, stomach flus, fevers, and daily adventures with the three kids by myself I was a ready for a babysitter and a mom's night out. Now to say that I am not a fashion blogger (or model for that matter) is a massive understatement, BUT sometimes I like to share my current mom uniform favorites. Here's what I wore out last night. Sources are all tagged! Happy Thursday everyone!

I am extra proud of Adam this week. He's been working so hard. Yesterday at school he had an oral book report where he presented his first ever diorama. He found those plastic greens at the store to create a jungle and made the little clay animals all by himself. Next up is the science fair where he will present his experiment defining the process of osmosis. #thisiskindergarten #childhoodunplugged #milkmustache

It's all fun and games until you run out of gas on the 101 πŸ™ˆ When we pulled over (very safely) to the side of the road Adam said at least we have a great view! We've made a lot of lemonade out of lemons this week, I guess they've learned a few things along the way. Now let's get home!

We just wandered into the most beautiful Natural History Museum in Santa Barbara. So much for the kids to see and do. Right now we're climbing on huge boulders and hiking in the backyard. We may be here a while...

I'm thinking lemon poppyseed bread. And lemonade. Any other suggestions? We have a bag full of these beauties!

Collecting lemons from the backyard lemon grove before we head home. Thankful for nice friends who let us crash their spring break! πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Montecito road trip take two. I yelled at poor Lake today in the car and my mama heart is breaking. I was upset with myself for forgetting something important, and I totally took it out on her. Why is it so hard for us to learn how to compartmentalize our frustration? Why does it always seep over into our feelings for another person? It's my greatest flaw. And I wish there was an easy fix. Any advice grateful appreciated! ❀️

Today was everything we needed. We slept in, had a slow morning at home, got coffee and bagels for a car ride to Topanga, stopped at a cute little farmers market and wandered around some beautiful trails snacking on peas. Now it's time for an early bedtime for everyone. πŸ‘Œ

Such a pretty day on the Pier today. Sun shining, salty air, mostly happy kids with little complaining (until we left without cotton candy). After these last few days I'm looking forward to some time at home tomorrow. Sleeping in (🀞), checking in on our vegetable garden, maybe finding a good farmers market. LA friends, are there any good ones on Fridays?

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