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Youngistaan Youth For Society  Anytime, Anywhere, We are here to help for the needy✊ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/youngistaan.youthfornation/ Twitter: @YoungistaanY4S

It gives immense pleasure to work with more and more and strength when our works are recognised. Today we received "RAYALASEEMA YOUTH ICON" award from the hands of Inspector general of Police Shaik Mohammad Iqbal gaaru, Rayalaseema region and Kurnool Collector and Prof Y. Narasimhulu gaaru , Rayalaseema university VC, and Vijay kumar gaaru APSP Betallian DIG ranve III . We thank VIGNANA SEVA SAMITHI for honouring us with this prestigious award.
We are dedicating it to each and every member who put every little effort in volunteering to serve need in all the ways.

And Thank u each and everyone who supported us. We are here today means its because of all of ur enormous trust on us.
Team Youngistaan

#Blood #Donor #Registration #Campaigning
Project #Muskaan

A kid will live if you give... #Save #A #Smile

Thalassemia kids have to transfuse blood every 20 to 30 days once as there will be downfall of haemoglobin percentage in their body. In Tirupati we have adopted 21 kids..now due to blood scarcity blood bank is not able to provide blood for them. Already the kid's life is hanging in between life and death . And now again the scarcity problem became a big trouble for them. We request all the kind people to come forward to register yourself as a blood donor with us. We will reach you when ever a Thalassemia kid is in need of blood.. If you want to register yourself as a donor pls inbox me with ur details

Blood group:
Contact Number:

Your blood will not give them life time. It will just extend their life span for few days. Let's all togther support these kids.
Team #Youngistaan

అమ్మ గా ...
అక్క గా...
చెల్లి గా....
స్నేహితురాలు గా....
#భార్య_గా.... ఇలా ఎదో ఒక పాత్రతో మన ఇంట్లో మరియు తన
జీవితంలోఎన్నో బాధలను ఎదురుకుంటు మన
విజయాలకు తను ఎన్నో ఆటుపోట్లు ఎదురుకుంటు వెనక ఉండి మన విజయానికిి కృషిచేస్తూ ఉన్న ఆ స్త్రీ మూర్తికి మహిళా దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు ... Happy women's day to all....

Youngistaan Youth For Society

We have started our journey with 5 members during the year 2013 at Hyderabad and Tirupati. And later expanded our branches through out India in
Kolkata, Chennai, Allahabad, Chittoor, Palamaner & Nandayala.

We have started a project named LIFE that means giving blood to the need. Since, 2013 we have arranged #15000+ blood donations and the people who have donated blood is not our personal friends or relatives all the donors we got through #Facebook. And we started awaring students about the importance of Blood donations.

The another project of Youngistaan is named #Akshayapatra started in year 2016 i.e., serving food to needy.
After starting this project we have served food for #5000+ people. Some people will call us on the occasion of their special days to distribute food and some other will call us when the surplus food remains in their function we will reach there and pack food in form of packets and distribute it to needy.
The next project of Youngistaan named is as #Shiksha started in the year #2017 i.e., giving stationary and notebooks to the kids in rural areas. We have posted about in #Facebook through that we got donations. With all the wonderful people support we have given #8000+ books and stationary to #20+ Schools in rural areas not only in Tirupati but also in other places like Kadapa,Kalahasti,Palamaner, Chittoor, Punganoor, Rayachoti, Bangalore etc., So many people will think using #Facebook is only for wrong purpose but any social media when we use it perfect we will get a good result.

Thank you so much from core of Youngistaan heart for each and every supporter.

Special thanks to #Eenadu for this article.

Please continue your support towards us to help for so many people in society.

Anytime, Anywhere we are ready to help for need as much as we can. For any additional information or help contact us at 8688866880.

Krishna : 8106374560
Niranjan : 9533323203
Jai : 9059183811
Abhi : 8978481289

Youngistaan Youth For Society,India.

#Youngistaan Project #Muskaan
#Adarsh 17th kid has been added in caring list of Youngistaan.
At d age of 1 every kid start to walk and talk but this little warrior has to fight with Thalassemia for his life.He go through lot of pain when a needle is inserted in his hand to inject blood but still his lips r covered with Smile and eyes with joy.He dont know whats happening in his life.
Please take a step forward to support #Thalassemiakids monthly medicine.

For more details contact us at : 8688866880.

Youngistaan Youth For Society,India✊

Youngistaan Youthforsociety
Project : *Kothabangarulokam*

Please requesting everyone🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
If you have any negative thoughts in mind please share with someone surely you will get a way to lead life. Or else just contact us we will give you a solution to your problem.
******Say NO to suicide & YES to life*****
If your never share your feelings with someone then you never knows the value of life.

ఒక lock ని తెరవడానికి key లేదు అని lock పోయింది అని ఆ property ని వదిలేయలసిన అవసరం లేదు కదా ??
మరి జీవితం లో సమస్యలు ఉంటే ప్రాణం ఎందుకు వదిలేస్తారు ??
కావాలి అంటే నచ్చినవాళ్ళతో తో చెప్పు పరిష్కారం చూపిస్తారు లేదు అంటే సమస్యకు ఎందుకు వచ్చింది ఆలోచించు పరిష్కారం దొరుకుతుంది

ఒకటి నిజం lock ఉంది అంటే పక్కాగా key ఉంటుంది
అలానే సమస్య ఉంది అంటే దానికి ఒక పరిష్కరం ఉంటుంది
ఆలోచన, ఓపిక, స్నేహితుడు చాలు జీవితం లో ముందుకి నడవడానికి... Anytime for anyhelp or suggestions needed contact us : 📲8688866880 Kittu: 8106374560 Malli : 9985274871 Niranjan : 9533323203 Raju : 9177412762 📩 youngistaan.youthforsociety@gmail.com
Facebook : @YoungistaanY4S
Instagram : @youngistaanyouthforsociety
Twitter : @YoungistaanY4S

Youngistaan Youth For Society, India ✊

Hellooo everyone ... This year we are going to celebrate our Youngistaan Anniversary and Republic day along with Government school children . So every one be part of this .. togther let's celebrate and spread some patriotic flavour 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 and it will be followed by Akshayapatra (Food distribution)... Dress Code:White Colour
Date: 26th January
Venue: Balaji colony signal (Flag pinning)
Time: 7.00 am onwards

Venue: Sanskrit School (Republic day celebration)
Time: 8.30 am onwards

For more details contact

Krishna: 8106374560
Sasi kumar: 9849830441
Helpline: 8688866880

Come and join us.. let's spread smiles togther.. Every little effort worths... Regards
Team Youngistaan

On account of Youth day (Swami Vivekananda Jayanti) our team #Youngistaan received Bhaarath Yuva Kishora Seva Puraskar from Vivekananda Yuvagana seva samithi , Allagadda, Kurnool ... Thank you for recognising our efforts... This small achievement is dedicated to each and every person of Youngistaan and also everyone who stand with us and supported us ... Thanks a tonnes.. keeep on supporting.. togther lets spread more smiles...

Project #Disha

Every student will have same question while they are pursuing 10th standard #What #Next ???... To give them career guidence and to show them a direction we are striving this time . Togther lets show them golden path.
Date :4th January
Venue: ZP Girls High school, Chandragiri.
Time: 9am onwards

For more details reach us at

Krishna: 8106374560
Sasi kumar: 9849830441
Helpline: 8688866880

Come and join us.. let's spread smiles togther.. Every little effort worths... Regards
*Team Youngistaan*

#Team #Youngistaan
Project #Sparsa
Phase -2
Succesfully completed phase -2 distribution last night with the eternal support of team ... We team youngistaan heart fully say thanks to you Raja Kondreddy sir for coming forward and sponcering for Rs.10,000 for blankets. With his kind support we distributed blankets through out night .. We dont care it's day or Night ... We dont care it's pain or gain..all we need is a SMILE that shine ... Come and do join us let's spread some love this winter... Regards
Team #Youngistaan

Youngistaan Project Shiksha

Nandyala Books distribution completed successfully 😊

Thank you everyone for supporting our team Youngistaan Youthforsociety

Youngistaan Youth For Society,India✊

Thank you for supporting us. Please contribute a little to save these kids. #SaveThalassemiakids

Link to contribute :

Link to contribute through paytm :

Youngistaan Youth For Society

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