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“canon”  workin on somethin special.

a year since my first studio shoot i actually took seriously w/ @brandiamarion, and the funny story behind this shoot taught me a big lesson i’d take with me forever little did i even know, but the entire shoot i wasn’t feeling it and going hard on myself, ready to pack up and say f*ck it all but Brandi kept reminding me of the potential behind the art and to keep shooting. i’m so glad i did tho, because little did i know after posting that these photos would go crazy on the internet from tumblr to instagram, and ever since then whenever i’m shooting and may not be feeling how things are coming out, i just keep shooting. so yeah. lmao this is a novel and if you’re still reading you a real one, but moral of the story: push urself. you just never know how people will view things vs. how you do.

finally back in the game, y'all ready?

i actually did it...i'm so full. ✌🏾💙🌎

going out more, improving mentally & socially, self love going up. the happiest i've been in a minute now. ✌🏾🌎


I finally got my will to create back ✌🏾❤️ still growing and realizing there's ups & downs that naturally come with being an artist alone, and i'm slowly accepting that. almost lost myself though. grateful to everyone that comments and dm's me to keep me going tho, now we back in business. just know i appreciate you all! 📷

picking up my camera today for the first time in weeks after feeling stagnant. you only live once so it's up to you to execute your dreams, true artists know where i'm coming from. 🌎 get up and get it!

my brother always. @elhae 🌹

don't really step outside of the studio these days, but when I do.. 📷

one of my favorite shots sold 1K copies a few weeks ago, forgot to voice my gratitude publicly. thankful to be able to share my art/perspective & have people value it enough to purchase it with their own money. moving graciously always, it means the world thank u all man. 💙🌎

my candid kidz. 📷


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