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Sherry & John Petersik  🏡 Home bloggers, podcasters, & product designers 📚 NY Times bestselling authors 💓Other IG: @pinchmeimpink 👇Paint colors & where we got stuff

We added a backsplash to John's aunt's house for $200 and it majorly upgraded the whole room! 🙌 If you're thinking "I can't possibly tile a backsplash" picture me gently taking your hands in mine and softly whispering "yes you can!" We even included a video breaking down all the steps along with pics & words galore (✨link in profile✨). Plus we rounded up some other backsplash tile choices we love. So go forth and tile, my friends! 🎉💪

💞Whelp, Millennial Pink is everywhere, and there's no denying that we’ve fallen hard for pink over the last few years. So we dove into this moment-in-time color trend (could it be the fidget spinner of decor?! 😂) and discussed the pitfalls of following a style trend... like painting your entire beach house that color. It's all on this week's podcast episode 49, where we also share our most hatedDIY undertaking EVER(John gets a grumpy face the second I mention it 😂😡) #DIYRage #liketkit

Meaningful art can make ya feel 💃🎉❤️🙌😍 so we shared the story of our custom kids portrait and rounded up a ton of our favorite artists from Etsy (and beyond!) on the blog for anyone who missed it. (✨link in profile✨)

Question: do these red chairs look weird here? They're super functional for when the kids play out front, and look sweet with the blue door... but is that a weird spot for them? Do I need to make a little stone paver thing under them or something? That might look odd right next to the garden bed. Hmm. John thinks if we pull them out into the grass it'll be annoying to move them every time we mow (which is a ton in the summer). 🤔

Every time we post a house pic someone asks how we keep it so clean. The answer is: we're actually not great at it (don't look too close!). So on this week's podcast episode 48 we got a ton of pro tips from @CleanMama herself, including the tools, tricks, & recipes that work the best. How did I never clean our mattress or realize microfiber dusters were a thing?!?! 😱 Chant this with me: no more feather duster!!! Also check IG Stories for a pic of Sky Island in action. 😂👌 #liketkit


"Hey what's that painting of kids in your hall?" We've gotten that question dozens of times, and we're finally explaining the significance on the blog, along with where we got it, and why we think family portraits can get a bad rap sometimes. We also shared a ton of other art we have (and love!) at the bottom of the post for ya 😘❤️Dropped the link in our profile for ya 👌 #liketkit

Making over our beach house isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and pink siding - even though it looks that way on Instagram 😂. So this week we’re getting real about a few tasks that have been especially stressful - and one thing we did to calm our nerves (and remind ourselves why we’re doing all of this in the first place). Also I'm surprisingly fluent in "IKEA." 🤓 It's all on this week's podcast episode 48. ✨

Along with it being Mother's Day, the bean turned seven today and our brains and hearts pretty much exploded. She looks so big in every picture, so I love this one where she still looks like my little one in this great big world. ❤️

Still can't get over how we were going to paint the beach house's porch ceiling white (because pink siding isn't exactly subtle) but we made a last minute switch to blue - and we are SO FREAKING GLAD WE DID! 💃🌸🎉 Once the original wood door and the bronze sconces go up it's gonna be 🙌 #YHLBeachHouse

This week we revealed what’s making our weekday mornings less stressful 🙌 and the surprising thing that could lower your home’s property value 🙀Plus I explained why I'm neurotic about a certain something in the bathroom. Just call me the TP Queen. ✨👸🚽✨Its all on this week's podcast episode 47 😘 #liketkit

Favorite house of all houses. I mean the windows have diamond grilles. DIAMOND GRILLES I SAY! (I'll wait while you zoom) #CanIHaveIt? #JohnSaidNo 😂🙈

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