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Sherry & John Petersik  Fixing up our home & 2 old beach houses 🏚✨🏡

This is a real picture of a real field of flowers in Cape Charles that we snapped when we were out there working on the pink house’s landscaping yesterday, and I’m even more sure than ever that it’s the most magical place on the planet. 🌼❤️✨

For everyone asking for all the spring break details, we shared exactly where we stayed, why we picked that area, where we ate, and some of our favorite moments from our spring break vacation this year. It’s all on the blog, so just click the link in our profile or go to #TakeMeBack #NowIWantAPool 😂🙈

We finally did some landscaping at the pink house today, and we shared some details and info in our InstaStories (also apparently mulching kills brain cells because my mind was not working when I was trying to remember what each plant was 😂🙈) #YHLBeachHouse

Holy toledo, she’s got a roof again! And if I squint I can see just how glorious this gal is gonna be 🙌❤️ #YHLDuplex #ProgressGloriousProgress

Do you reject certain “household staples?” We do! And it turns out a lot of other people do too – to the point that experts are saying they might someday disappear. So we broke down how and why the typical home (and its contents) might be changing, along with revealing what modern comforts we’ve deemed unnecessary in our house (one of them is weird, I’m warning you). It’s all on this week’s podcast episode 92, so ask Alexa or Google Home to play Young House Love Has A Podcast or click the link in our profile to play the episode & see bonus pics & TAKE THE POLLS 🎉❤️

Tomorrow my littlest love turns four and I can’t even believe it. Feels like last week when I was staring at his tiny face in the hospital and promising to love him forever and ever. He makes it way too easy to keep that promise. ❤️🎂🎈

My 10 favorite original features of the pink house in no particular order: the heart pine floors & doors (we just used clear sealer on them - no stain), the colorful stained glass windows, the cute back staircase, the ornate corbels on the porch, the original trim we rehung downstairs, the cool railing and the curved wall in the foyer, the milk-glass light we rewired for the pantry, and the brick chimney we found in the wall and exposed 🙌❤️💯 #CantWaitForTheDuplexToBeThisDone #YHLBeachHouse <— click that to see pics of everything else I mentioned in my list 😘

Everyone and their mother (and also my actual mother) has asked me to walk through Target and review the new OpalHouse collection on video for InstaStories... and I finally went to not one, but two stores for ya! I didn’t drink a cocktail beforehand, no matter how loopy I sound - you know new stuff at Target just makes me feel alive 😂🙌💯

👆This room used to be a formal dining room, then a home office, and later I helped turn it into the homework room that you see here 🌏 But when the family was about to sell their house, the realtor suggested they change it back to something more expected, like a dining room. But I was staging the house for her... and I didn’t agree 😬🙈 So we shared the entire friendly debate on our latest podcast episode 91, along with what ended up working and how to know when a house change is bad (or good!) for resale ❤️ To listen in ask Alexa or Google Home to play Young House Love Has A Podcast or go to to stream it online ✨

Good news, the duplex is done! Just kidding but there’s a GIANT DUPLEX UPDATE for you guys in InstaStories today (just got back from a day trip, and A LOT has happened). Hold the screen down to pause each slide to read it (ya know I’m wordy 😂). You can also tap the left side of the screen to go back👈 #YHLDuplex #LooksScaryButItsProgress

One of my favorite pairings at the beach house is the secondhand inlay dresser + the original brick chimney we found behind the wall. It’s literally something old (the chimney), something new (to us), something borrowed (well, technically it was bought secondhand), and something blue. Does it count if one item checks three of the boxes somewhat loosely?! 😂🙈 What do you guys like to mix? Are there certain colors or materials or patterns? #YHLBeachHouse #InLoveWithInlay

So yesterday we saw this giant plywood wall at a salad shop and at just about the same time we realized it was actually giant 4’x2’ tile that looks just like plywood! Am I crazy to think it could be so beachy and lovely in a shower in the duplex? Picture it paired with clean white walls and subway tile. I dunno, there’s something so cool about the large size and the super convincing plywood look... or maybe I’m crazy 😜❤️ Update: as requested, I put a poll in IG stories with an inspo pic so you can *hopefully* see what I mean 😂

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