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Young Gun of Wine  Searching for and showcasing Australia’s winemakers on the rise, young wine labels and the best places to go for wine fun. #YGOW #wineslinger 🍷

Please meet Alexi Christidis of @chalariwines.

Q. Where are you at on your wine journey?
A. I started my journey with a degree in Wine Science at @charlessturtuni. Through this and the many contacts I made, I gained the confidence to take my hobby of winemaking to a small commercial level.
I started searching for fruit from areas that I love and had some faith shown in me by @leehaselgrove who allocated me 2 tons of his precious Frankland River Riesling. I had limited funds and made the wine garagiste style in my 80m2 workshop, fitted out with second hand coolroom and various VC tanks and a nice basket press. Using my degree knowledge, I was able to pump out a Riesling I was very happy with, plus a couple hundred bottles of Pet Nat. This all sold very well and was received very well.
Second vintage I sourced the same Riesling, plus some Grenache and Mouvedre from Peel for a Rose’, and some Merlot from the Perth Hills for a Pet Nat.
Aiming to add a Vermentino next year... Slowly, slowly... I make wines I like to drink and share with people.

Q. What got you into wine?
A. I've always had a driving passion for creating food and drink from the ground up so that others can enjoy it. This probably stems from the Greek heritage and family. Seeing the huge range of varieties and styles of wine got me more interested and my wife supported my exploration into wine and here I am today.

Q. What winemaking lesson did you learn the hard way?
A. Don’t use bricks in place of timber in a basket press; they tend to disintegrate into the must... luckily in this case, it was a trial batch!
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Q. What’s your favourite #Winelsinger in Australia, Tash @ladygardenwines?
A. It’s hard to go past the rooftop bar of @nakedforsatan_ (pictured here) in Fitzroy, Melbourne. They have an incredibly diverse wine list (varieties and countries of origin) and awesome finger food for a perfect sunny afternoon session.
Q. What are your 3 favourite wines right now?
A. @ champagnesalmon 100% Meuniere for its gorgeous palate, length, and meuniere inspiration.
+ @sailorseekshorse Chardonnay for its crisp acidity and freshness.
+ @pfeifferwines Grand Rutherglen Muscat for a luscious finish to any night.

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Let us introduce you to Tash Webster, winemaking partner of @ladygardenwines & @sonderwineco - a pair of new labels from Geelong.
Q. What got you into wine?
A. I grew up in a hotel in Orange where all celebrations included the sharing and discussion of fine wine. Add to this my love of science, biology, art and processes and you have a natural progression to living this life.

Q. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about?
A. The cheeky Ladygarden petillant naturel is a wine that is fun, juicy and fresh for drinking now with friends. We wanted to launch Ladygarden with a wine that is approachable but unique to get people talking, and show we know what we’re doing. I love that pet nats originated as a mistake from bottling before fermentation had completed. Some of the best discoveries are from accidents.

Q. Where are you at on your wine journey?
A. I completed my @charlessturtuni winemaking degree in 2017 and have had seven years experience working in numerous wineries around the Geelong region. For the last two years I have worked @bannockburnvineyards throughout vintage while concurrently creating the Ladygarden wines and Sonder wine co brands with business partner Kelly Pearson.

#YGOW #YGOWuncut #Geelong

You know Remi Guise of @tripe.iscariot, yeah? He was Top 50 #YGOW in 2018.

He's part of the current UNCUT event series in the lead up to the 2019 Young Gun of Wine.

Q. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about?
A. It would have to be my ‘Aspic’ Grenache Rosé. To me, great wine is about balance, making wines of extremity with obvious facets and traits is easy (that’s not to say a wines cannot be distinctive and memorable as well as being balanced). Making wines which are a perfectly sculpted ensemble of site, grape, and maker, while still being distinctive and memorable, is far harder. I feel that the closest I come to that goal, and with the greatest consistency, is my Rosé. I see it as a great balance of fruit, oak, texture, structure, intrigue and typicity of the variety and region. The goal is to have all my wines meet this criteria.
Q. Where are you at with your wine journey?
A. Just making out it out of the experimental stage, I feel I have a clearer idea of where I am going stylistically, varietally and personally in this business. The next chapter is refinement.

Q. What winemaking lesson did you learn the hard way?
A. Don't move full barrels around with wet forklift tyres!

Q. What are your 3 favourite wines right now?
A. @ laviolettawines Epice. I’m a sucker for AJ’s wines. I love aromatic whites and he is the master of aromatics. + Didier Grappe Champ Rouge Savagnin Ouille 2016. Most weirdly satisfying savoury wine I’ve ever had. Constant evolution in the glass, conversation starter. + 2016 @deepwoodsestate Reserve Chardonnay. Like great Corton only better made and at a fraction of the price.

#YGOWuncut #MargaretRiver

Q. What’s your favourite #Winelsinger in Australia, Sam @alphaboxdice?
A. @the.summertown.aristologist (pictured here) is my local. I love the team there and they service my need for orange wine like no-one else can. Otherwise, it’s @press_food_and_wine for Adelaide’s best burger paired with a glass/half-bottle or bottle of something awesome!

Q. What are your 3 favourite wines right now?
A. @sasaradikon Radikon Slatnik. It’s a blend of Chardonnay and Tocai Friulano fermented on their skins and it’s got everything. It walks the line between faults and flaws that I find so alluring, yet the perfectionist in me won’t allow me to tread.
+ E. Pira et Figl, Barolo Cannubi. I had the priceless opportunity to work with Chiara Boschis in 2016 and I have such a respect for her, for what she has achieved and the wines that she creates; particularly the perfumed power of the Cannubi Cru. Also, Nebbiolo is just the greatest.
+ @lauerwine Peter Lauer, Fass 6. German Rizz is also the greatest. And this is one of the best producers I’ve sampled of late. The Fass 6 is on the drier side for me but has such a beautiful balance of acid and sugar that even people who don’t enjoy wines with residual sugar can enjoy.

Q. What’s your desert island wine?
A. German Riesling. These are my happy wines. There was this instance where I had been having a really shitty day, and I met up with some friends at Cork wine bar, grabbed a glass of slightly off-dry Riesling, took a sip and my mood instantly evaporated into ecstasy. Literal rays of sunshine in a glass.

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Let us introduce you to Sam Berketa, winemaker @alphaboxdice.

Q. What got you into wine?
A. I was originally studying a Bachelor of Science (Molecular and Drug Design), but the lab environment didn’t really appeal to me. I really wanted to get into a Visual Arts program, but some gentle guidance from my parents steered me to find a happy middle ground and I ended up at the perfect marriage between my two passions of art and science – winemaking. The choice for winemaking came from my late grandpa, he was the kind of old fella who never drank water, because “fish have sex in it”. Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to try anything I made but he was the also the supportive sort who would’ve been proud of anything I’d do.

Q. Where are you at on your wine journey?
A. Still very much at the beginning! I’m the first in my family to enter into wine and I only started my adventures mid-2010 with my first day at uni. My journey has taken me to some amazing parts of the world – including Barolo, the Rheinhessen and the Douro valley – working in both the vineyard and winery, and I don’t see that exploration stopping anytime soon. I’ve been given some incredible opportunities and had some truly amazing experiences, all of which has led me to the role of Head Winemaker at Alpha Box & Dice, but there’s still so much I’m learning and so much more for me to discover!
Q. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about?
A. Ugh, sorry for the textbook answer, but every letter of our Alphabet of Wine defines what I’m about in some way. If I had to narrow it down, then probably either the Lazarus NV Ripasso, as it’s my current pinnacle to date on the art of blending, or the Golden Mullet Fury, AB&D’s textural white/orange wine, as it’s super interesting, super delicious and super different, whilst still exhibiting a sense of Mclaren Vale. It’s also a wine that is always developing and evolving and that’s something I’m always trying to do – experiment, adapt and evolve, while learning from my experiences.

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Hey Perth, we're coming to you next Saturday!
We'll be taking over and breaking in the new @harveyleighs. We've got 20+ winemakers in town for this three hour wine tasting party, from 3-6pm, on Saturday December 1.

And for those seeking to delve a little deeper, we're hosting a breakout tasting masterclass and panel discussion, "The Minimal Intervention Convention" featuring the likes of @bravenewwine, @laviolettawines and Adelaide Hills' biodynamic star, @ngeringa.

Come join the new wave of Australian winemakers at Perth's newest wine venue on the first day of Summer!

Don't miss your chance to discover tomorrow's superstars of wine. One day you'll be able to say you knew them when.

Tickets (via link in our bio) are limited and includes all wine tasting and a Riedel wineglass.

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Say hey to Callie Jemmeson and Nina Stocker of Pacha Mama @wine.unplugged.

They're winemaking base is in the Strathbogie Ranges, and they're sourcing fruit from all over Victoria for their range of wines.

Q. Where are you at on your wine journey?
A. Our focus the past 5 years has been on growing our core brands that encompass classic varieties and regions. Now we are experimenting a little more with smaller batch, alternative varieties and regions, but most importantly making wines that we think are delicious that we want to share with our friends and family.
Q. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about?
A. Our 2018 Gamay – it was an experimental batch. We tried different techniques, we made some mistakes, we had a whole lot of fun making it and now we’re selling it in Flagons. It’s bright, expressive, aromatic and most of all delicious. We’re all about creating wines with a story, that are delicious, and having a heap of fun along the way!

Q. What’s your favourite #Wineslinger in Australia?
A. We always find ourselves @geraldsbarmelbourne. The wine, food, cocktails and service are always incredible! It’s our local haunt and where we take anyone who wants a delicious Melbourne food and wine experience. It never disappoints.
#YGOW #YGOWuncut #strathbogieRanges #YarraValley #Heathcote #Nagambie

Q. What’s your favourite #Wineslinger in Australia, Dave @rudimentarywines?
A. The Howling Owl (pictured), Adelaide. Hard working, fun bunch of people who know how to have a good time where dancing on tables in encouraged!

Q. What are your 3 favourite wines right now?
A. Sherrah Nero D’Avola. Im sure his (@alexsherrah) wine is awesome but he is my man crush.
+ @maanwines Fiano. He told me it’s the best in the world.
+ @quintessawinery, any vintage. This place is where dreams are made.

#YGOW #YGOWuncut 📸 @yotchis

Please meet Dave McKenna of @rudimentarywines. "When we started Rudimentary Wines the goal was simple: make wine for the people. It all started as the brain fart of best mates after possibly a few too many chilli margaritas in a basement bar in the heart of Napa, California. I was working for a high-end producer whose wines fetched such a high price, I couldn't even afford to buy them. We scored some of their fruit, made our own blend and bottled it. It was rad!" "Having worked around Australia and in the US, I've found South Australian fruit in multiple regions to be, in my opinion, the best. So the choice was easy, find the best grapes from any region in SA and make awesome booze at everyday prices." Q. Do you have a favourite quote about winemaking?
A. “It takes a lot of beer to make good wine’

Q. What got you into wine?
A. Wine found me. It was coincidental. I was looking for a change of career. Called a mate from the surf club and he said ‘you can start tomorrow’……. And I haven’t stopped since.

Q. What winemaking lesson did you learn the hard way?
A. Sometimes carbonic maceration can be a doozy. I almost lost a whole vintage of Grenache!

Q. What’s the one thing in your wine world that you can’t live without?
A. My ferment chilling unit. Can cool a stubby of Coopers in 3 minutes flat. However, this is not its intended purpose (but a great bonus feature). #YGOW #YGOWuncut #McLarenVale #Barossa

Q. What’s your favourite #Wineslinger in Australia, Brad @camwellwines?
A. For a newcomer restaurant, it would be Acacia in Henley beach @acaciahenley (pictured here) because they are providing a platform for a lot of smaller wine producers. Their list is succinct but packs a lot of punch, and their vibe is so cosy and welcoming.
For a classic and reliable restaurant, it would be @mothervinewinebar in Adelaide. I always know I can find amazing and frequently changing options on a massive list there to keep my interest piqued and my palate happy.
Q. What are your 3 favourite wines right now?
A. @hither_yon 2015 Aglianico. It can be chilled or room temp and it’s beautiful. It’s easy to drink and a great example of McLaren Vale’s take on Italian varietals. + @bekkerswine 2016 Grenache. I love this wine because it’s a high end expression of grenache. It’s silky smooth and so balanced - it’s one of those bottles you wish would never end.
@greywackevineyards 2016 ‘Wild’ Sauvignon Blanc. I know this is a bit sacrilege since it’s a NZ wine (gasp), but when I want a complex white, this is my go to. The wild fermentation takes this wine to another level, above and beyond what a lot of producers are doing in Marlborough. It’s refreshing on a hot day, but when you peel back the layers it’s so much more.
#YGOW #YGOWuncut #McLarenVale

Let us introduce you to Brad Cameron of @camwellwines, a fourth generation grape grower, & first generation winemaker.

Q. What got you into wine?
A. I got into winemaking because my father’s good friend, our neighbour, basically forced me into making wine with him. He told me, “bring over a half tonne of your dad’s best grapes & an empty barrel”. I went from learning the basics, to progressing enough to go out on my own after a couple of years.
Q. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about?
A. Nero D’Avola is an alternative variety here & there’s only a small amount of it being grown at high standards. It's my favourite grape grown in McLaren Vale & it stands up to the same quality produced in its native region. I love that the wine I make with it can be unpredictable, & a challenge at the best of times. To have the opportunity to make this wine, & to have it come out as elegantly as it did blows my mind a little bit.

Q. What winemaking lesson did you learn the hard way?
A. Be patient in ageing wine, leave the barrel alone & make sure your malic acid tests are correct. Let’s just say bottling before I should have was a tough lesson to learn, & the feedback on one of my first vintages reflected that. I’ve thankfully become more patient & if anything will leave the wine alone longer than most to let it’s best & truest colours shine.
Q. What’s the one thing in your wine world that you can’t live without?
A. Frankenpress, the splintered back bone of Camwell Wines. 5 years ago I bought a wooden press that was literally in pieces. I got new parts made for him, fixed him up, & put him to work for my first vintage in my own tiny winery. Whenever he looks a bit sad, we bring him back to life with new parts, so he’s a collection of old & new. Coming from a family that’s always grown grapes but never made wine, it’s a really poetic representation of Camwell: that something new has come out of the old, yet stable foundation. The press allows me to have a hands on approach to winemaking, & it’s become a real point of pride & joy - so much so that I’ve got a tattoo of it this past year!

#YGOW #YGOWuncut #McLarenVale

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