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Young Grizzly Adams  Greying dropout NW England πŸ‘‹

*shoutout to all my fellow mammals hanging on this winter*

#35mm #1992


Long exposure with πŸ’₯πŸ’₯flash
- when you could still move in my mum's kitchen

#happybirthday #nephew

#pub #closed #outrage

Pub: closed
Dog: this is an outrage

Shine on you crazy diamond

Really nice light today. You could literally photograph a bin and it'd look good.

#I #love #you

I love you so much it hurts my πŸ’™


My first copy of #SO by Peter Gabriel, taped from a mate's dad's LP

Cassettes were expensive when I was 13 and regrettably I had to tape it over an earlier home recording session by me and Mike

#happybirthday #peter 🎈


This week:
β™ˆ We're no strangers to love
♉ You know the rules and so do I
β™Š A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
β™‹ You wouldn't get this from any other guy
β™Œ I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
♍ Gotta make you understand
β™Ž Never gonna give you up
♏ Never gonna let you down
♐ Never gonna run around and desert you
β™‘ Never gonna make you cry
β™’ Never gonna say goodbye
β™“ Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

#35mm #1991

Sometimes it's your sister's birthday but she doesn't like Instagram so you think maybe it's okay to post a picture of your other sister whose birthday you might've missed last September cos you were on holiday pissed out of your mind* with really very limited internet x

#stephenking πŸ‘»

Halfway through DOCTOR SLEEP and having a bloody lovely time


I πŸ’™ Cherry Lane


Your dog's horoscope for the week ahead:
β™ˆ zzzz
♉ zzzzzz
β™Š mmmmm
β™‹ remember that time we saw a mouse?
β™Œ zzzzzzz
♍ mmm comfy
β™Ž zzzzz
♏ that's itchy
♐ mmmmmzzzz
β™‘ zzzzzzzzzz
β™’ zzzzzzzzz

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