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  I travel the world and the seven seas.

this time 3 year's ago - if you haven't seen Dubrovnik yet, it is a mediterranean 💎 you should visit for sure. Trop beau!

fishing nets

reuploading my visit to les marais salants in #camargue as a story (10pics!) now, it makes more sense than single images.


summer sunrise

les marais salants en Camargue 🇫🇷 (I wish I had a drone).

I've had this 🐚 on my neck for so long that I don't really know where it's from and how old it is. My guess is I found it in Spain and it's gotta be between 12-15 yo, I have very old pics with it so. I remember polishing and prepping it when I still lived at home. That was a long time ago. (side note; when I tell ppl stories of that sort soon enough there's always 🤔 wait how old are you? then I tell them and they're 😲 every time! happened all the time last week during the festival).
Two months ago I was walking downtown Manhattan taking photos, looking everywhere but in front of me and I walked into a road sign. Yes, I walked right into its steel pole. I walk fast so that hurt. Ppl in the street looked at me like dude wtf as I casually strolled away pretending it was nothing. Nothing to see here. What hurt more is that the sea shell split in two. I've been trying to fix it with super glue (yes) and it did work for some time but now it's obvious our journey ensemble is coming to an end. We've been places. Sad. *
However, I just found another shell yesterday. #soitgoes #aquarius

des clichés de Paris

Paris 🌙



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