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You Enjoy Life  Sound and Food Wizard here to help you heal your head and your heart doing the things you love 💥🍋 I write music, and music rights me.

A picture worth a zillion words. Maroon bells #fall #aspen #maroonbells

I don’t write songs, songs right me.

This life thing is so much bigger than anyone one of us. The search for external validation is a never ending chase. When we can cultivate inside what we want to feel and see on the outside, then we no longer feel that we are a separate part of this life but a complete part of the infinite co-creation that is happening all around us. Our system may be flawed but nature, the universe, God, or whatever you call it, is not. It’s a perfect intelligence that warrants truth and knows no lie. We can try to lie to the world, but we are only truly lying to ourself and can’t hide from this perfect intelligence. I’ve got a link in my bio to a recent podcast I recorded about how lying really works and how people can lie and deceive the broken “system” we live in but they can’t deceive the laws of the universe and will get what they deserve. Listen along if you’d like. Link in bio won’t save so you can listen here: or find “you enjoy life” via your favorite podcast site

“Breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care”

@pinkfloyd #breathe

Impromptu live piano version of an original song “Message Out”. For the full version head over to Instagram TV. Sing your heart out, get your message out.

Join us live tonight for a meditative vibrational sound experience where you’ll be guided through relaxation, bliss and joy. Click the live button when it pops up at 915 EST tonight to join in, then simply lay back, listen through headphones or speakers and soak in the magic. You’ll be left feeling reenergized and alive.

Cooking has changed my life in more ways than I can even comprehend. It started in an unlikely way, wanting to cook because I couldn’t stand my mother’s food, but something quickly shifted from a young age as I taught myself the art of making something homemade. As it turned out, while I loved making delicious food for myself, what I really enjoyed about it was getting to share meals with friends. Food became the vehicle, not the star of the show as it is often seen on various social media platforms that offer deep dives into exclusive restaurants and dishes, but a vehicle for personal growth, for connection amongst community, and for nourishment and health. I started studying cuisines from around the world, not simply to learn new ways to prepare dishes in an authentic way, but what food really meant for each and every culture. If you don’t like to cook or don’t think you can, I challenge you to step out of that belief and try it on, start simple, check out my main channel over on @brothersgreen to get some confidence. I believe cooking isn’t something meant for the few chefs who diligently work to perfect their art, but for all who want to be more connected to the things they put into their body. If you live in Denver I’m teaching a cooking class this Monday, 7/13 at 7pm on plant based Thai Food, it’s going to be delicious. Click the bio link to snag your seat before it sells out (last time it oversold). Photo by @jeffjonesphotosdoe #veganthai

Vibrational Sound Medicine 🧙‍♂️🔥🙏 Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a deep love for music. Anytime a song with a groove came on I couldn’t helped but dance and feel free. It wasn’t until High School that I would pick up guitar, and in college when I would start a band and realize I could actually have a career in music. When I moved to Brooklyn I discovered that, regardless of fears and limiting beliefs, I could sing and write songs. I was fortunate to be in a band with a great group of guys for 10 years, however, during the process of trying to “make it” in the industry, write that hit song that would shoot us to fame, money and glory, I realized I really didn’t care about those things. What I loved about music was the feeling, the way that it could transform a room of diverse strangers into one glorious vibration of joy, and so I left the band and started pursuing other forms of music. I explored music from around the world, met sound healers, studied vibrational sound therapy and learned about the healing powers of music. Since then I’ve been hosting sound journey’s, teaching vocal workshops, and hosting song circles where I bring a group of people together of varying skill levels with the intention of creating music beyond standard constructs, to let whatever needed to come out flow through us all. Regardless of what your ideas are about sound healing or being a musician, I want you to know that we are all made up of vibrations, if you have a heart that beats, you’ve got rhythm. We are all capable of using any number of tools to heal ourselves and the world around us. Music reminds us that we are not separate from one another but cosmically connected to what is beyond words, beyond judgement, beyond thought. When we are in the right frequency, in tune with our higher self, we can heal anything. Photo by the magical @mamayouniverse

Life is on the up and up. We are going on just about one year in Denver and while I’d love to say it’s been all palisade peaches and cream, the truth is it’s been as rough as it has been beautiful. When I first moved here I found myself being more honest and vulnerable with new people that I would meet, feeling like I could be whoever I wanted to be and to me that looked like being more honest about my struggles. But to my friends back home I often found myself covering up the truth, covering up the fact that while moving here was a great choice, it was also really hard and lonely at times, not knowing anyone, trying to make new friends, grow my career, heck even know how to live in a proper house and out of the city. But each time I share how I really feel I find my connections running deeper and deeper with both old and new friends. One of the best pieces of advice that I got before I moved to Denver was that people don’t know how to show up for you in your life if you pretend like everything is okay and focus your energy on helping them. I used to be such a “I’m good, how are you?” kind of guy, always deflected, always showing up opening my heart to receive others, but keeping my own feelings hidden. I thought it was a good thing, I thought that people wanted support more than anything else, but as it turns out people want to know who they are in your life, how they can show up for you too. It’s been a really good reminder and is allowing me to deepen my friendships in a new and profound way. This morning marks a new and special day. By Beso and I managed to get up at 330am and drive out to Boulder to do a mini photo shoot for each other. We had no plan, just a camera, a few changes of clothing and open hearts. If I’m smiling for something in this photo it’s for her, my love, @mamayouniverse the one that lights me up and keeps me in the magic, keeps my heart beating bright as you can see a diamond clearly flowing from it in this picture. I’ve spent the past year trying to figure out what it is that I really enjoy and appreciate about sharing. I am here to share inspiration, to be a guiding reminder whenever you are lost, to remind you that you are not alone.

🔥🥙CONTEST ALERT 🚨 I love getting weird and whacky in the kitchen, being inspired to make use of whatever I have around to create new dishes like this fried egg, crispy sticky rice, broccoli, provolone and chard salad with chipotle cashew zip. So here is the challenge, comment in below with your whackiest thought or dreamed up food creation, I will pick one winner and recreate that dish on @brothersgreen YouTube channel, and winner gets $100 worth of cooking gear! Have fun, it can be anything! And don’t forget, I’m hosting a fundraiser for the local food rescue Joy’s Kitchen in Denver July 25th, epic food, fun cooking demos, edible experiences, giveaways and more! Come out 630-9pm, all ages. Ticket included a nice meal and more! Email me for details and to get tickets.

My happy place with @tastyfreedom The universe has the most delightful paintbrush

I’ve noticed a huge shift in my being since moving to Colorado. My daily life has gotten simpler, my music more straight forward, the food I cook more basic, so what’s the deal am I getting domesticated and boring? Hell no! Truth is when I was living in NYC the spice of life came from all the diversity, getting to meet so many cool people from all walks of life, having access to foods and ingredients from every corner of the world, it was great and I’m so happy to have had that experience. But out here, by the mountains, with a small plot to grow my own food, I find so much more satisfaction from eating a fresh cherry and spending time growing my own food than I do cooking away all day with wild ingredients to make a flavorful explosive dish. I still love those things but the simple joys in life are really shining through, I am here to help people get back to the basics, to dance to the rhythm of their soul, sing to the simple music in their heart, and eat the right kinds of foods. Feed me the kind of foods that Johnny’s @farmerjc84 eating, the kind that gets you the opposite of f&cked up, the kind that heals you from the inside out. The things that often make us the happiest are the most basic, the rest is just a distraction from the truth, that all life exists in the taste of a fresh strawberry.

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