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RIP Chester Bennington 📷 @goal.cast

Some people will never heal with time. That's why it is up to you to heal yourself. Decide to make a change and tell yourself that you deserve better. 📷 @johnnyedlind

Type "YES" if you agree! 📷 @rowanrow

Never sacrifice your soul for money or possessions. None of that is permanent or has any true value. 📷 @primewayoflife @charlottesmckee

You don't always have to react in order to take notice. Many times it will even be best to pay attention and be aware of what is going on, but do nothing. Sometimes patience and control is your best move. 📷 @charlyjordan10

Everybody deserves loyalty and respect! Type "Yes" if you agree 📷 @marianodivaio

Tag someone! 📷 @primewayoflife

Legends aren't born, they are made! Make everyday count!

Everywhere you go and everyone you meet has something to teach you. The vast majority of things will be learned from experience, not from a classroom 📷 @olegcricket

Always believe in you! 📷 @charlyjordan10

Without failure, you would never learn. Without your pain, you would never appreciate your strength. You can let everything that happens to you weigh you down, or yo Ivan decide to let it grow you and develop you into the best possible version of yourself! 📷 @motivationstories

Don't ever do something just because it's the easier route when it's not the right thing to do. Never sacrifice your morals or integrity! 📷 @rowanrow

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