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Just look at this, look how they are so cute and happy! They are still here. They are Paramore, we are Paramore! So happy for them, can not wait for the first show of the new era, my heart is full of pride and love. I'm crying.

Taylor York is the cutest guy in this cruel world & you HAVE TO agree with me because that's the truth.
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Did you miss me? 😏

HEY GUYS! I'm so excited to hear the new album! 3 DAYS! I cried like a baby when I heard Hard Times and Told You So, their sonority is different and I loved it! It's incredible and it's an honor to see them grow as a band, as a person and as a musicians.

They are not JUST a band to me.

I would like to be beautiful as Hayley Williams, I feel like a 💩.

One of my fav pictures in the world! (I missed post something here, sooo...)

Hi guys, been a long time since I've been here. Well, I unfortunately have no desire to continue this account (I still love Paramore and will always love, they are my favorite band and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM!) but I don't feel good here... Just wanted to say: you guys are amazing and I love you! you can find me in @hernameisluana and if you likes Stranger Things can find me in @strangerthingsgotme too. Bye ♥

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