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Jason -  Emotionally struggling? Need help to get it all out? Need Personal / Professional Motivation? Pull the trigger on a better Life!!! Email me I can Help

Regrann from @annieanddannytrippin - I met Jason today. The real deal... #jason @singledadconquerstheworld @you_vs_you_coaching -D
AMAZING post by my neighbor and new friend. I love this photo and I REALLY don't like photos of myself.

I was re-introduced to a an interesting and wonderful man today who lives 40 feet from our front door. Dan of @annieanddannytrippin
We had a great conversation for 40+ minutes and he gave me my daily reminder that life is about inclusion..... Not isolation. Thanks Dan. It was great talking and I'm anxious for more.
Have an amazing day people. Be fully, unapologetically, and unabashedly your true selves today. No hiding and no shame or embarrassment because of who or what you are.

Show the REAL you. Because matter what, he or she is eventually going to find out exactly what you look like .

AGAIN.......They will find out what you really look like in the end.

.....because he or she (Yes all of us) will eventually find out what you really look like. And wouldn't you rather be liked and someday loved for exactly who you are?


I'm no longer willing to sit here in the middle of "okay ", when "AMAZING!!" is on the other side of effort!
Regrann from @singledadconquerstheworld - J.A.T.(L.) - #regrann

....... What do you do when you're a single Dad conquering the quirks and your glass mixing bowls we all packed in a anticipation of moving?
Grab that cheap-ass plastic mixing bowl and mix up that Cesar salad, then throw half in a nice bowl for your Daughter and eat the rest straight outta the bowl.

Just a thought...😉
Big shout out to @darrinrhill
He's got a great page that's definitely worth a visit.

@Regranned from @darrinrhill - #regrann

She's back together and just wants to be played. To be connected with. To be taken care of and protected. To be pushed to her limits and maybe..... beyond them. I love her.

All I could do was stare as they BOTH just stood there and stared at the fetch toy.


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