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Jason -  Need motivation, clarity, and focus? Need to get emotions out? LET US HELP YOU @jason_youvsyoufitness @singledadconquerstheworld

....... Because if I'm not thankful, if you're not thankful, if we are not thankful for what things we do have, we will wither away into nothingness and we will be beaten down by consistently and constantly receiving the things in our lives that we don't want. That we are fearful of.


I've gotten a lot o out of trading with people in the past. Let's do it again. Trade me!
@jkorenbauer get off your butt and call or text me about this. You've got my number. You're an amazing woman. Let's make you even MORE amazing......... And fill my belly with Apple Pie!!!!! (HAS TO BE GLUTEN FREE CRUST)

My willpower is not for sale.
But it gets the SHIT tempted out of it sometimes!

The ORIGINAL Dinerant.
Still amazing food and great service!!!
Thank you Chris... it's easy to see that you care for your customers and you have a warm and kind way about you.
Thank you Savannah... you'r service was perfect. Kind, warm, and just the right amount of connecting and checking in on us.
Thank you Daniel... for giving us a quick reservation and holding a table when it was clear that you had a fairly full restaurant.
We appreciate you all!!!

Have an amazing Sunday. If anyone wants to conne down and start being a part of Brunch on Sundays (.....or every other Sunday) DM u.s and it is ON!!!

This!!!! Not only is it an amazing thing to have support and accolades from your peers, it's even better when they share a deep commonality with you such as music that is hard and heavy, as well as speaking her truth into the Universe without hesitation .....or regret!!! THANK YOU @laura.noche!
You are the REAL DEAL.

This is a repost of my friend Jesse Hemphill getting a little crazy (and a little naked)!
@jesse_hemphill_knives - Entered the rock throwing contest last night, I didn’t win but I bet everyone will remember me 😂 #steintossen #cheeky #funny #rock #toss #cheekyexploits #fullmoon #pantsoff #inthezone #memorable

Trade me!

This is fucking HILARIOUS!!!
I love Rogan and Peterson!!! So fucking good!

Re-frame you're thinking! Let go of what society and the past generations have taught us about work. Like I've said many times, everything in life is simple. That doesn't mean it's easy, it means it's simple. It doesn't take a lot of hard work to get what you want in life and achieve your goals and dreams. It takes a ton of effort! Effort is what we all put into what we want, what we have, and what we need. We all need to re-frame our thinking to understand and know that there is no work if we're going after and doing what we are truly passionate about!

Our perception is our reality.

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