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박보검❤김유정 (BoYoo Couple)  Park Bo Gum • Kim Yoo Jung • B1A4 Jinyoung • Jung Yong Hwa • Ji Chang Wook • Kang Min Hyuk • Park Shin Hye • #ForeverBoYooCouple #JustLove

@annecurtissmith was already HOOKED with the BOYOO COUPLE's kdrama -LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT 😍😘 Anne Curtis "So i'm already on ep 3 of Love in the Moonlight. HOOKED. ❤ Reminds me a tincy wincy bit of coffee prince. Only because of the disguise. No spoilers please at gusto ko ma-surprise!" @you_r_love
admin 라네❣️ #kimyoojung
#loveinthemoonlight #parkbogum #boyoocouple

Welcome to the world of K-Drama @msleasalonga . @you_r_love . Park Bo Gum 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Love you po @msleasalonga, masaya lang ako kasi 'yung Idol ko nahumaling din sa Love In the Moonlight. BoYoo Shipper 😍. @you_r_love_boyoo @ohongra @sgfrancisco79 @boyoo_holics @boyoowithlove @boyoo_tuan @boyoo_chemistry @boyoo__couple @boyoo_ina @you_r_love_boyoo

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@jtbcdrama "Clean with Passion Now" starring @you_r_love @imhyoseop
This April. .
[Trans] Interview+ Knetz's reactions
#AhnHyoSeop, “‘Clean With Passion For Now’ #KimYooJung? Lovely + Kind…The Best Partner” "When I met her, she’s so mature and such an adult. I talked to her and she’s definitely lovely and nice." #CleanWithPassionForNow #김유정 #안효섭 .
© Maknaecloud
Aabangan po namin talaga ito sa:
@abscbn can't wait!!!!

Ahn Hyo-seop, "Clean With Passion For Now" Kim You-jung? Lovely + Nice... the best partner~! (Selected translation)

Can't wait for this k-drama. Clean with Passion Now Starring @you_r_love
@imhyoseop .
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@kapamilyaasianovelas @kapamilyasianovelas


Fact 1:
#KimYooJung always tries to live her life as normal as she can despite being a public figure. She attended and active in high school (Dept of Acting, Goyang HSoA) and did her best on her last year in school. She participated in play, musical concert in her school etc. @you_r_love © Maknae Cloud

Good luck to all the Casts and Crew of Clean With Passion Now. 😘😉😊
@Regranned from @jtbcdrama - @you_r_love_bogum - #regrann

Congratulations to our Sageuk Fairy @you_r_love 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. You're truly a role model. Witty, Smart, Kind, Loving, Talented, oh what else could I say about you @you_r_love ? Congratulations @you_r_love from your Filipino fans 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
@Regranned from @kimyoujung_taiwan_fan_club - @you_r_love_bogum - #regrann

Guess what? Today is my birthday and Love in the Moonlight will also start airing now January 29, 2018 on ABS-CBN's @jeepneytv starts at 9P.M.! I'll never forget this day! @you_r_love. Thanks to @jeepneytv

Ang most popular breakout love na inyong minahal to the moon and back ay nandito na sa Jeepney TV! Love will definitely shine through sa Love in The Moonlight, ngayong January 29 na ng 9PM!

Dito lang sa #JeepneyTV,
Enjoy ang Trip!

B1A4 has been involved in a car accident and was immediately rushed to hospital afterwards. They are currently receiving examination by hospital doctors and are being treated according to emergency procedures.

Their injuries are not severe and none of the members are in life-threatening conditions.

B1A4 was on their way to the “Icon Conert”, being held in Pyeongchang when the car accident occurred.

Their agency, WM Entertainment, has yet to release a statement about the accident. .
@jinyoung0423 @b1a4ganatanatda we hope that you are all fine and are in a better condition now, please take care of yourself. Don't worry God is always their to help you to ease the pain. Fighting!

Let's support our living doll @you_r_love
for her upcoming k-drama. Good Luck and God Bless @you_r_love for your next project. Fighting!!!! @Regranned from @pearl0024 - @you_r_love_bogum - #regrann .

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