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Yoshiyuki Okuyama | 奥山由之  photographer/director b. 1991; lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


Kenji Ozawa & Hikari Mitsushima
#小沢健二 #満島ひかり

『GINZA』5月号で、Rick Owensのページを撮影しております。

The editorial featuring Rick Owens for the May issue of GINZA magazine.


Tsubasa Honda

写真集『POCARI SWEAT』の刊行を記念してトークイベントが開催されます。
POCARI SWEATの広告ポスターを手がけた正親さんと、写真集『POCARI SWEAT』を手がけた町口さん。広告と写真集、それぞれの立場から、今回の作品についてお話していただきます。

A talk show will be held to celebrate the launch of my latest photo book “POCARI SWEAT” at Aoyama Book Center on May 3rd from 2:00pm.
Atsushi Ōgi, art director of advertisement poster for POCARI SWEAT, and Satoshi Machiguchi, art director of my photo book “POCARI SWEAT”, are called in as guests.
We will have a talk about our art works from each point of view: advertisement and photo book.

Mitsuki Takahata

『GINZA』5月号で、Rick Owensのページを撮影しております。

The editorial featuring Rick Owens for the May issue of GINZA magazine.


【写真集『POCARI SWEAT』重版決定】

奥山由之 写真集『POCARI SWEAT』

【Photo book ”POCARI SWEAT” has been reprinted】
Although it’s only been a week since my photo book ”POCARI SWEAT” was released, it’s been decided that it will be reprinted.
The photo books will be available sequentially at some book stores which are currently out of stock. Please have a look and enjoy.

Photo book “POCARI SWEAT” by Yoshiyuki Okuyama
Price:¥2,300 + tax
Size:A5-deformation size
Number of pages:128 pages
Publisher:SEIGENSHA Art Publishing, Inc.
Book design:Satoshi Machiguchi

台湾の雑誌「週刊編集」第10号にて、写真集『POCARI SWEAT』の特集が組まれております。表紙写真に加えて、中面にはインタビューが掲載されております。

我最新的攝影書『POCARI SWEAT』 已經刊登在台灣的雜誌 「週刊編集」第10期上了。而雜誌裡面已包含我的訪問內容以及封面攝影。

My latest photo book “POCARI SWEAT” has been featured on the Taiwanese magazine ’The Affairs’ Vol.010.My interview has appeared inside pages, as well as the cover shot.

Luc Tuymans #luctuymans

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