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Jane Yoo  Chaotic peace. Obsessed with obsession. ▼isual Designer in DC/NY USA. Each photo has their own story. Every pixel/photo by me. ©YOOPHORIC


"Endless love I have for pumpkins" //ceiling #infinitekusama

Finally, a guy who can eat as much as I can or more //Definitely a keeper.

Eggs Benedict //salmon is a must

Just keep swimming //sometimes you gotta swim with the current

Chaotic Peace //when I was moving in hahah organized my makeup vanity first

Wreaths Across America //twas a chilly day but worth it

None of my photos do the Família justice... //can't wait to sit there for a service one day

Fruit Mille //craving this so bad

Alcázar //miss the heat

Smooth sailing //jk it was rough lol

"The glass is always refillable" //사랑해요 고마워요

11.1.16 Fall reflection. "If someone does not want me, it is not the end of the world. But if I do not want me, the world is nothing but endings." //#selflove

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