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Yoon Minn  I could make a really good snakehipped coiffured escort. Too bad I was n't born yanki. So I'll be an armchair esoteric


#tb1768 ( Write a caption…)

#tb1768 preface to dictionary of arts and ¶sciences¶ ─▄█▀▄

#Okay #okay #okay Mr.Roboto I'm #sorry for #wannabeing Terry Richardson. I'll only do it without as much as a by my leave again when I get a Kelley Pabst blue book ribbon account

FUXKYOU SARA we could have been so good together on our last night here. But you had to fuxk it up with narcotics. Pussied out like the poser you are #Exon terrorist poser #Queen of vilca #hypocritical i+love+u double dipper #vote4pedro #269 #hwdp1312CIA #Gonzálezabouttown #communismisdeadsowillthisbemymatyrdom

Sorry for posting prumpompadouman . But thankyou/ nicked from ) washingtonpost (


¡¡¡First edition!!! 1768 found in a dusty tree house, stay tuned blibliosluts.
#what a shan that was the radge reekin edinaspergers. Can't imagine them sheep to be ever barry or braw. Without as much as a by anyone's leave. Bowfin boaby billingsgate blackguards. Any day I would chum collie buckie them sweaty porridge wogs jocks to sheep slaughterhouse five. .

Honey I mean it's all logical. Don't your evolutionary instincts tell you that more procreation means less quality of broodlings?

Staredown till the first pop drops #keeping me real

They call us the screamers

They call us the screamers

Challenging the drool to drop #keeping him real


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