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Today is an absolutely beautiful and sunny day in the city. However, sometimes you want to reminisce about the other kind of beautiful day, quiet and rainy.
Step outside of the comfortable and enjoy the view from anywhere.
[03:30pm | 03.19.2017]

You ever get into the groove when you're working from home that you almost forget you need sustenance to survive? Thankful for @panerabread for having delivery options now in NYC so that I can stay focused but also function like a human.
I may have gone a little overboard from the excitement πŸ™Š
#sponsored #paneradelivers
[08:00pm | 03.16.2017]

Loving the cold weather well into March, maybe not so much the impending blizzard about to blow through tonight. Stay warm out there, New Yorkers!
πŸ“Έ by @parkkatie
πŸ–Œ by @yoomi.park
Haven't you heard?
Gender roles are dead.
[06:22pm | 03.13.2017]

Shout out to the two women that keep me from going crazy in the city on #internationalwomensday . Thanks for always being my models & for being badass every day. So lucky to have you and all the other women in my life taking charge of their lives the way they want.
My friends are the best ❀️
[05:22pm | 03.08.2017]

Caught some hometown magic in the city Friday night. Shout out to MUD (@wetdert) alum, @mindofamea, for killing it at Rockwood. Thanks for a great night & the inspiration to get back behind the camera.
Stay foolish.
[06:56pm | 03.05.2017]

This time last year, Katie and I were on the road trip of a lifetime. The two of us left Austin the evening of her birthday in the middle of the night to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the White Sands, and Prada Marfa. It was an incredible trip and I'm lucky I got to share it with one of my best friends.
Happy birthday to this lady that always takes the best pictures of me, always supports me, always believes in me, and is always down for whatever adventure I randomly come up with.
Thank you for always being the sweetest, kindest soul. Having you in NYC makes this city seem less massive. Also thank you for having impeccable taste in music and being my guiding light when it comes to fashion lol. You're the best Katie, and we're gonna make sure this is another year for the record books!
Happy birthday!!
[10:22pm | 02.09.2017]

Six years ago, while we were still in college no less, @ashley_park was going back and forth about whether or not she should get a puppy. Well, she finally just did it and we welcomed Blaze to her family. I got "stuck& #34; with taking him out for potty breaks and feeding him when she was in class and we hung out and cuddled all the time tbh. He was the best pup and even when he grew to be 78 pounds of muscle, he never realized he was actually NOT a lap dog.
I'll always cherish those quiet moments with him, just us. He was the subject of two of my first few photos on Instagram and the cutest sleeper, second only to me of course. He was just a loving, happy pup. Thanks for being so good to Ashley and the rest of my family buddy, say hi to Max and Kramer for us, and have all the fun in the world NOT taking walks 🐢❀️
Dogs really are woman's best friend, and you made my cousins so happy. Thank you for that. So sad to see you go πŸ’”πŸ˜”
[08:47pm | 02.06.2017]

Happy 22nd birthday to this amazing lady right here. She has become one of my best friends, my most trusted confidante, and the one who knows basically everything about me. We may have only known each other for almost a year (in February!), but it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime.
Thank you @cakemicks for all your support, your listening ear, and your friendship. It's crazy how close we've become. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to continue supporting you throughout your life. Thank you for being there for me through some of the roughest, but also the best, times of my life this past year. Your kindness coupled with your tenacity will continue to take you so far in life.
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22... On you lol.
[11:16am | 01.28.2017]

I'm lucky, I lived in the same house as my grandparents until age five, and my grandpa is one of the reasons I can still speak a decent amount of the Korean I used to know when it was my first language. Our grandfather was a man of few words. It didn't help that most of us grandkids weren't the strongest in speaking Korean, but I think the most important language we shared was love.
And I know he loved all of us, especially his grandkids. He came to every graduation, high school and college, put his hands up in the air in the weird mascot signs for Texas, UT Dallas, and TCU, and tried to sing along to our fight songs. He was proud of us, and I think that's important to remember.
I don't know if he ever imagined having all 9 of us grandkids, or ever imagined us going to American colleges, growing into the adults we're trying to be. What I want to believe is that he is in a better place, feeling the strongest he's ever felt, and I hope one day we are reunited again, somewhere in the universe, happy.
The hardest part of this moment, of his passing, is knowing the millions of memories our grandmother, my father, and my uncles shared with him. I don't know what it feels like to lose a spouse or a parent yet, but if it hurts this much to lose a grandparent, I cannot imagine what it feels like right now for them. What I do know is how lucky we were to have him around all our lives, not many kids in the world have that privilege and that will never be lost on me, I will forever be grateful.
I will always remember to thank our grandfather for my love of hats, office supplies, and the smell of newspapers; he always had one, in Korean and English. But I will also remember him for all the holidays spent with him, family trips to the beach, the hugs, holding his hand from when I was a baby to even 25, that one New Year's Day that he danced to Psy's "Gangnam Style," and most importantly, the love I felt from him. Because love never stops, not even in death. 할아버지 μ‚¬λž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ ❀️.
Today wasn't goodbye, it was a "see you soon."
πŸ“Έ by @ashley_park.
[10:35pm | 01.24.2017]

There's something magical about the moment you get amazing news. You feel the power of possibilities, the fear of the unknown, and the excitement of a better life.
Hope is the most dangerous thing. You could be disappointed in a heartbeat but also elated the next. I dare to be hopeful because the feeling of validation makes all the other disappointments worth it.
I believe 2017 is that hopeful year when I make things really happen. Fingers crossed.
πŸ“Έ by @tylerdraker.
πŸ–Œ by @yoomi.park.
[10:17pm | 01.12.2017]

I'm always late with the birthday posts but in my defense, she was getting litty in Music City today! Happy birthday to @ashley_park, my dearest older cousin, the first of us Park cousins to be born and be the test run for the rest of us kids. You have always been one of the most humorous, adventurous, and fun people in my life and I'm so grateful for how close we got in college.
27 is going to look good on you because you always make it happen. Go make this year your bish and let me know what to look out for! Love you so much!!
Watch out world, this girl's a sassy one!
[11:59pm | 01.03.2016]

Rang in 2017 the best way, with a camera in my hand. Here's to my first New Year in New York City with a great friend from home. 2016 was pretty damn great for me, and I think 2017 will be even better.
Here's to all our New Year resolutions and to hoping we all stick to them.
[09:38am | 01.01.2017]

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