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G*59, GBC, omenxiii  |Laxrt™|🌊

I’m finally back from that camping trip 🏋️

This gunna be done later this month

Is it just me or..?

If you miss 420 just wait till 422
because it’s 420 too

Guess I’m posting memes till I get a new computer 🏋️

Can’t edit till I get a new computer, old one dead


Next gone be a movie edit btw

I wanted to repost my part with better quality

Collab with @wavmvs (instagram destroyed the quality) ||first part: @yonevz second part: @wavmvs

This needs to be dropped ASAP @dirtyshafi

I’ll be taking some time off posting edits to improve making new ones. I’ll be editing more movies, shows, video games etc.. I’ll be improving on effects and other shit like that. C: @snoupkie

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