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Harriet  🇬🇧 Recalcitrant wife : mother of my four children : instagran : failed gardener : professional loafer 🇬🇧

It might have been a month late, but when the blossom arrived this year it was bloomin good wasn’t it 💗

London putting on some serious swagger for the Chelsea Flower Show. Cover an entire building with flowers? No problem. Here, just a few blooms around a doorway. Can’t help thinking Instagram is partly the reason for it. Something positive at LAST 😂

The person that I’m married to thinks that rereading a book is like losing a chunk of life that you’ll never get back, but I think it’s like putting on a soft, cosy, much loved jumper. Just so comforting really. In my favourite month, one of my favourite books, by Monty Don always makes me feel happy. Any other rereaders out there?
And on the subject of MD isn’t it time for #montydonmonday to make a return?! @janemcwallace 🌿

Slowly becoming submerged #underthefloralspell

I wonder if the people who actually live here ever post a picture of their house on Instagram🌿

My pictures may be a little flower heavy at the moment, but my life right now is all about blossom and pinkness and shit like that. We’ve waited long enough for this season and I’m just going to post and post flowers and more flowers till I’m sick and I can tell you what, I’m not sorry about it #flowersmakemehappy #pinkness 🌸

@aquietcorner has a new hashtag which made me smile #bloominhands 🤲🏼 see what she’s done there? Our ageing hands could be one of our least favourite parts of us although feet top that list for most people I’m guessing 🙈now.... what would my hashtag be... something to do with the bloomin weather probably 🌫

The heatwave may be over but that’s ok, at least my skin is no longer a shade of pale blue #beenalongwinter

Apple blossom, how you made us wait, but your sheer abundance has made up for it. There is a greatness to your lateness🌿

The sort of #sundaycarpic I can get behind. Or to the side of just as soon as it opens ☕️

Suddenly feeling the pinkness. Maybe it’s because it’s May and there’s blossom everywhere, maybe it’s because it was sunny for an ENTIRE day yesterday. Or perhaps it’s just because I’m in Brighton 💗#pinkupyourlife

Frome, which rhymes with broom. Unless you are like my mother and pronounce broom like brum, in which case it rhymes with whom. As in, ‘To whom am I speaking young man’ 📞

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